Guyana Politics – News Headlines – 15 November 2014

Guyana Politics – News Headlines – 15 November 2014

President addresses misconception…‘I have no new powers to become a dictator’

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Head of State, Donald Ramotar, addressed what he said were the misconceptions that have infiltrated the political President Donald Ramotar atmosphere as it relates to his most unprecedented decision – prorogation of the Parliament. At… […]

The “dreaded” No-Confidence Motion…Ramotar must face his ‘jumbie’ – Granger

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Opposition Leader, David Granger said that the “same jumbie, the No-Confidence Motion,” that President Donald Ramotar Opposition Leader, David Granger is running away from, will be there to greet him in the National Assembly, when it reconvenes… […]

As a member of the PPP/C, I condemn this move that borders on dictatorship

November 14, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under Letters – By Cheddi Jagan Jr (Joey)

Dear Editor,
Mr. Ramotar’s decision to “prorogue” Parliament is a decision that I, a member of the PPP/Civic list in the 2011 general election, cannot accept, but only condemn as anti-democratic and boarding on dictatorship.
As a member of the PPP/Civic list, I was never consulted, invited to any PPP/Civic meeting nor even canvassed over the telephone for an opinion. [Read more]

Explosive Ombudsman’s report…Nanda Gopaul denies role in sacking NBS boss

Days after an explosive report that spoke of wrongful fraud charges against Chief Executive Officer, Maurice Arjoon Minister of Labour,Dr. Nanda Gopaul and two senior managers, Kent Vincent and Kissoon Baldeo of the New Building Society (NBS),… […]

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