Eusi Kwayana comments on Anil Nandlall’s Taped Conversation

Eusi Kwayana comments on Anil Nandlall’s Taped Conversation


eusi Kwayana

eusi Kwayana

There have been many justified calls from opinion makers for the PNC to apologise for its share in the deformation of the State. In any case the PNC head of State of many years ago is being X rayed at this moment before a world wide  audience

Regardless of the final outcome there will be a major list of allegations, not a complete one against a party that once ruled and as some of us have “truthfully alleged” run riot at home.  Many Guyanese with a focus on Today, want to know why the present government is not being investigated.

Attorney General Nandall, without intending to, has confirmed  in a now public u conversation that the  people’s  concerns are well founded. I have noted that the matter is now before the court to be heard by a judge without a jury likely to be influenced by public comment.

The Attorney General spoke as if he had been warned that if the Kaieteur News did not change its tune some powerful people could launch an armed attack on its nerve centre  with the aim of ending its freedom of expression. Does he, a member of government, really have knowledge of people with assault weapons capable of such an attack, not the first of that kind on Kaieteur News? Would he have said whether he had alerted his colleague the Minister of Home Affairs?

I leave the question of privacy to lawyers.  My preset position is that the AG knew he was talking to a reporter.  Nowhere in his conversation do I see a request to keep parts of it “off the record.” His supporters may plead next that therefore he should not be taken seriously or held to his statements.

Political elites do not know that the average Guyanese can read their body language through hearing them or seeing them. To his credit, when aggrieved, he did not move to assault weapons but to he courts. All of this falls in the considerations of public order and security.

THE Minister of  legal affairs showed  undue  interest in the identity  of the female reporter  who had accompanied the senior  reporter  The   AG  knew and repeated the reason for  the third party’s  interest in  the female  staff member, to have a go at her body.  Yet he pursued her identity.  I see  here  a situation in which  women in the workplace  are more  and more  exposed to men with money and power  both in or private and government employment . Men who  know the gap between  salary  scales  enforced  by their class an the cost of   their aspirations  or just the bare necessities  of a modest  lifestyle.

In my efforts   against corruption through ASCRIA in the  late 1960  I described the acts  of  two  PNC Ministers  one African and one  Indian as  “common  theft”.

If the reports of what the AG said about himself are correct that description applies to his admission.  He described himself as a rich man. Yet he used government funds for a household purpose and paid back to preempt exposure in the Kaieteur News.   How does a minister, who is not an accounting officer, get his hands on government funds?  Does the Attorney General understand what he has told the public?  A minister cannot steal alone. With his wealth, a bank loan would be much simpler than what he contrived. Mr. Nandall has accused himself.  MY Grand-parents and my Mother used to say, “THE  UPHOLDER  IS WORSE THAN THE THIEF”

I leave aside as private the question how respectful it is   to use that kind of money for a loved one. Is that “high breed” love?

The flaunting of his high breed and ethnic superiority by an Attorney General of Guyana speaks for itself and people of his faith cannot   wait for it to blow over. Comments should not be left to scholars like Dr Kean Gibson who is not of that Faith.

Yours respectfully

eusi Kwayana.


Editor’s Note: Here is a transcript of the telephone call:

TRANSCRIPT- Phone conversation between Anil Nandlall and Leonard Gildarie

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