Five-star gated community being built at Providence

Gated community for Providence EBD

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Five-star gated community being built at Providence

October 6, 2014 By GuyanaTimes

A state-of-the-art five-star gated community is expected to be completed in three years’ time behind the Guyana National Stadium, Providence, East Bank Demerara.

The community called New Life Community is owned by a Chinese investor.   

A Chinese representative told Guyana Times that the houses will be constructed mainly by Chinese but Guyanese will also be part of the workforce.

The modern homes will range from G$55 million to G$110 million. (G1M=US$5,000 app)

The official related that the area is already being prepared and construction should get underway shortly. She added that the New Life Community is designed and will be constructed based on the most advanced planning and layout which makes it significantly different from the others.

The houses will be built in four specifications: Caramel Cottage measuring 5181 square feet; Silk Haven, 4477 square feet; Tropical Escape, 2907 square feet and Sunrise Villa measuring 3353 square feet. All the houses will have a master bedroom and garage, among other amenities.

She explained that the community will have its own mall, park, bar, post office, swimming pools and gymnasium, all to make life for the occupants more convenient and delightful.

The community will also have an underground water purification mechanism that will be installed in every home. It will be using both municipal power and self-owned generators.

The New Life Community will be surrounded by a fence equipped with shocking devices, more than 300 infrared monitoring detectors and a 24-hour on duty team of heavily armed guards for maximum protection.

Communities of this sort have been built in Europe, and stand out for being fashionable, unique and artistic.

The company promoted the community at the recently concluded GuyExpo at the National Exhibition Complex, Sophia with a gigantic model of the housing scheme, which attracted the attention of thousands.

The Chinese representative indicated that there were several serious inquiries made about owning a home in the gated community and refuted claims that the facility is only for Chinese nationals.

Of recent, the housing sector has been experiencing a boom with several high-level investors putting their resources into gated communities. The gated communities they claim will provide much needed security, comfort and relaxation.

Editor’s Note:

This news article did not mention the name of the Chinese investor. However there is a document published by Bai Shan Lin, the controversial forestry and mining Chinese conglomerate which featured a 400 acre estate at Providence EBD. This document was published previously in Guyanese Online: (see page 10 for the real estate development):

Here is the Baishanlin brochure of their plans and projects in Guyana … click link below:

China’s Baishanlin brochure of projects in Guyana < click

This Chinese publicationoutlines  Baishanlin plans for a Timber Industry Economic and Trading Cooperation Park encompassing five square km on the East Bank of Demerara River near Providence. There are also plans for a  400 acre housing development as well as an International Mall.


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  • Albert  On 10/20/2014 at 10:34 am

    They expect to make a bundle on this deal excluding later services. These homes for about US $275,000 – 550,000 might be aim at Guyanese and others abroad considering settling in Guyana. Guyanese should shop around. In the US south there is a buyers market. In places like Georgia, Alabama, North/South Carolina one could get a wonderful home ranging between $150-300,000. Minimum crime level, reasonable health services, excellent utility services and good country like southern hospitality.

    I have seen most of Europe and the Caribbean. With a reasonable pension and social security one would be hard press to find a better place to retire than the US south as an alternative to Guyana. In fact it is a surprise to see the number of UK citizens in the south especially Florida.

  • gigi  On 10/23/2014 at 12:55 pm

    “In places like Georgia, Alabama, North/South Carolina one could get a wonderful home ranging between $150-300,000. Minimum crime level, reasonable health services, excellent utility services and good country like southern hospitality.”

    One could get these houses for much, much cheaper than that, especially with the next housing bubble set to pop soon (we purchased a house in 2006 only to see it plummet to 1/4 of the purchase price 5 years later – based on what similar houses in the neighborhood sold for in foreclosure. We made the decision to do a strategic default.). Good country-like southern hospitality is becoming a thing of the past with the influx northerners and their northern attitude.

    Gated community living has its benefits. We have lived in several, minus the shopping/service features, and it did provide not only a sense of safety but community involvement and responsibility via the home owners association. When I moved into my first gated community, I used to rail against all the restrictions until I got to appreciate them. One of the cleanest and most well planned gated communities/cities we lived in was the ‘Savannah’ subdivision in Weston (nicknamed Westonuela because of the heavy Venezuelan population).

  • Pat Adair  On 10/26/2014 at 4:42 pm

    Is there a connection between the ‘developers’ and the ones responsible for cutting down the trees in the interior? So then, are they using our raw materials to make a huge profit?
    You must remember that the Chinese went into Suriname and cut down their trees and shipped them off.
    A few years ago, a European country went into Haiti, cut most of their trees down and made off like bandits. Then came the big earthquake that devastated Haiti. I am not saying the earthquake was a result of the loss of trees but the destruction was probably exacerbated by this deforestation.
    Wake up Guyana –where there is no vision, the people perish.

    • Alex  On 05/05/2015 at 12:03 am

      Guyana has an agreement with the Kingdom of Norway. The deal allows for Guyana to preserve 98% of its forests and be paid to do. So while I agree that deforestation is a really big concern in other nations, this is not the case of Guyana. To touch on the subject of real estate, while the USA remains a vibrant economy it is developing countries that real estate investments should be made. If we look at emerging economies many investors are running to those countries to get a piece of the action. Panama is the first to come to mind, and Guyana is no different. With a robust and vibrant economy investing in properties in Guyana is a safe bet!

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