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SAD OLD HOUSE – By Dmitri Allicock

Sad Old House


By Dmitri Allicock

Abandoned house sits beneath a breadfruit
Broken down entwined memories of roots
Rusting roof, faded paint and wood rotten
Empty of happier days that’s now forgotten
Yard overgrown with trees and vine

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Natives Hating Other Natives: The Self-Hatred in Internalized Oppression & the Effects on Modern Indigenous Peoples

West Indian American Business and Cultural Expo – NYC – Oct 4, 2014


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Homeless Woman Receives $1.5M After CHP Beating Caught on Video

Homeless Woman Receives $1.5 Million After CHP Beating Caught on Video


A homeless woman agreed to settle when two conditions were met. The first condition was enough money to take care of her for the rest of her life, and the second was to protect others from the CHP officer.

A homeless woman suffering from a mental disorder received $1.5 million after a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer was caught on video using excessive force against her. As part of the settlement, CHP Officer Daniel L. Andrew was forced to resign to prevent him from endangering other citizens under color of authority. Continue reading

THE PIAI’S DAUGHTER – (Adapted from an Ancient Amerindian Myth) – by Peter Halder

THE PIAI’S DAUGHTER – (Adapted from an Ancient Amerindian Myth)

by Peter Halder 


    Aleda was an Amerindian maiden. She was the daughter of Aban, a Piai or Medicine Man. The two lived in a troolie palm thatched home in the dense tropical rainforest.

The beautiful girl kept house and did all the cooking and cleaning. Her father was proud of her. He once told her, “My wonderful daughter Aleda, one day you will make a handsome young man a wonderful wife, He will be proud of you and I pray you two will be very happy.”

One day, Aleda was walking to a nearby creek to fetch water when she heard dogs barking. Holding a large earthen water goblet very tightly, she quickly ran behind a wide oak tree and hid from the trail.  

The barking grew louder and louder and there soon appeared four dogs, each with a long, straw rope leash around its neck. The leashes were held by a handsome young man. As he came into view, Aleda could not help but admire him. He was tall with broad shoulders, thick black hair and an enchanting face.

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