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Cricket Book- WI in Test Matches …. 1928-2013 – By Ramnarine Sambhudat

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 WI in Test Matches, Facts And Feats 1928-2013 – By Ramnarine Sambhudat

 Cricket book1My fellow cricket lovers,let me introduce to you – WI in Test Matches,Facts And Feats 1928-2013. This book contains all records in WI cricket(Test matches only) from WI first ever Test match V England in June,1928 to WI series V New Zealand in December,2013 with lots of information right at your finger tips and it is the most up to date book on WI cricket in Test matches on the market.The book is forewarded by one of the world’s best off-spinner and WI best spin bowler,Lance Gibbs.

It contains records in batting,bowling,wicket keeping,partnership,individual,all-round,records in the WI,records against the WI,WI records against all Test playing countries,WI captains,WI best opening batsmen,Guyanese contribution to WI cricket,notable cricketers from all Caribbean countries,all East Indians who represent the WI and their records,all centuries scored by West Indians in the WI and abroad,all foreign batsmen scoring centuries in WI and abroad,all centuries scored on all WI cricket grounds and a host of other topics of interest a true cricket fan would love-551 pages of WI cricket records,86 black and white pictures and all players statistics.  Continue reading

Ageing with grace, with a grin, and in motion! – By Prof. Henry S. Fraser

Ageing with Grace, with a grin, and in motion

By Prof. Henry S. Fraser

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Wednesday September 10, 2014 – Having just celebrated my 70th birthday, the whole question of ageing and how we do it has been occupying my thoughts a bit more than usual. There are so many things that determine how long we live, and how we live long … that is, how we deal with it, and enjoy it. And the quotes above have a great deal of truth.

Research on ageing has been going on for some time, although attempts to slow or stop it, mostly ridiculous, have been made for millenia. And every day we read reports of new research with evidence of some of the factors that may determine if we drop dead at forty, live like a sick frog to ninety or go out sailing and singing at a hundred and two.  Continue reading

The Demise of the Nation State – Scotland on the Euphrates – By Uri Avnery

The Demise of the Nation State – Scotland on the Euphrates

20/09/14 –  Uri Avnery

TWO COUNTRIES competed this week for first place in news programs all over the world: Scotland and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

There could not be a greater difference than between these two countries. Scotland is damp and cold, Iraq is hot and dry. Scotland is called after its whisky (or the other way round), while for ISIS fighters, drinking alcohol is the mark of unbelievers, who should lose their head (literally).

However, there is one common denominator of both crises: they mark the approaching demise of the nation-state.

MODERN NATIONALISM, like any great idea in history, was born out of a new set of circumstances: economic, military, spiritual and others, which made older forms obsolete.  Continue reading