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Water versus gold at Port Kaituma – commentary

Water versus gold at Port Kaituma

Two weeks ago, residents of Port Kaituma and nearby areas began to complain bitterly about the pollution of their water supplies by miners working upstream. In the past few years such complaints from various parts of the country have been numerous and a reflection of the wanton disregard of miners for the riparian rights of citizens in these areas. Miners have become emboldened by the increasing weight of the economy attributable to their mineral returns and the ineffectiveness of the government and its regulatory bodies at reining in environmental pollution.

How did the government respond to the concerns of the Port Kaituma residents? Well, it seems that the Minister of Natural Resources Robert Persaud had been in the area for mining week activities and upon hearing of the concerns he announced that the ministry would make available G$80m (US$400,000), to the Guyana Water Inc (GWI) for the construction of a water treatment plant.   Continue reading

Guyana Elections – Silly Season – commentary

Silly season

An election date has not yet been hinted at, but the silly season has begun. Long suffering Guyanese will recognise it for what it is, having been subjected to it over and over again. It is that time, leading up to elections, when wild accusations and wilder promises are the order of the day. Some observers believe that Guyana is in a time warp; a constant rotation of silly seasons. Perhaps political scientists might want to undertake a study of that.

His overdone protestations to the contrary, PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee’s attack mode lets on that the party is definitely talking elections’ strategy. Mr Rohee gave it away weeks ago with his narrow flailing of the Guyana Elections Commission (Gecom) and its Preliminary List of Electors and his refusal to take cognisance of the fact that his failure to pay attention to and budget funds for updating a key agency like the General Register Office (GRO) had, unlike his coined goat, come back to bite him. There are two simple facts that Mr Rohee seems to have missed: (1) He is still the Minister of Home Affairs. (2) The GRO does fall under his mandate. Enough said.  Continue reading

Guyanese Authors: Three Books published by Karan Chand

The Indentured Servants: from Bengal to Bush Lot to Belize

Paperback – Published August 4, 2014

by Karan Chand  (Author)

Available at:




‘Memories don’t leave like people do; they always stay with you, whether they be good or bad. They’re something that you have.. ’

Travel down memory lane


Re-live /read about struggles before machinery in agriculture–cane cutting , ploughing and raking rice field with bulls , ladies planting rice, celebrating phagwah, going to cinema with donkey carts, wedding , funeral , injustices court..etc…etc   Continue reading

The Innocence of Ground Zero – By Dmitri Allicock

Ground Zero

The Innocence of Ground Zero

By Dmitri Allicock

It seems only like yesterday but 13 years to date

Almost 3000 heroes indiscriminately killed by hate

Devils of terror armed with the Koran and robe

Attacking freedom with savagery around the globe

Striking within the soft heart of civilization so near

Attempting to spread their medieval dogma of fear

4 airliners hijacked, Twin Towers collapsing in a cloud Continue reading

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