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DCMCO – Black Tie Dinner & Awards Ceremony – Lanham MD. – Nov 28, 2014

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Tickets for the event can be obtained from: Wakysha Lee 202.531.4705;  Gordon Stewart 301.717.9625;  Patrick Thompson  301.209.0382.


DCMCO is a Guyanese 501(c) 3 non profit Organization located in Washington DC area. We provide educational scholarships for Guyanese and other Caribbean students in Guyana, USA and for example in Grenada. We were founded in 1997 as a Cricket Organization but have evolved as one of the most dynamic Guyanese Organizations in the DC Metro area.

You can contact DCMCO at Colin Smith 301-806-0229 or DCMCO@aol.com

An exceptional and innovative talent for management… Earl B. John is a ‘Special Person’

An exceptional and innovative talent for management… Earl B. John is a ‘Special Person’


Earl John

Earl John

“Out of that group of 67 men (The Penumbrians), over time, we produced a president, (Desmond Hoyte) two Ministers of Foreign Affairs, (Rashleigh Jackson and Rudy Insanally) several diplomats, including Rudy Collins, and a principal of Queen’s College; (M.T. Lowe) in addition we’ve had reams of outstanding people, lawyers, doctors, and athletes. We were an indigenous group, (no overseas connections) and we all excelled in our personal lives.” 

By Dennis Nichols

The life experiences of this week’s special person, Earl B. John, may be aptly described as multi-layered. His vocation and interests range from public service to poetry, and embrace human resource management, organization design, community development, sports, creative writing, and instructive letters-to-the-editor penned in local newspapers.
Additionally, he is authoring a projected volume enigmatically titled ‘Being personal with Sugar’, an allusion to his long, productive career with Bookers Sugar Estates, and the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo).   Continue reading

Passwords! We’ve All Been There!

Golden Grove & Nabaclis Asso., London UK – Summer Dance – September 27, 2014

Golden Grove & Nabaclis Association – London

  21st Annual Summer Dance
Saturday 27th September 2014 – 8pm-2am


Corner of Acre Lane & Brixton Hill, London SW2 1RW, 

Music By:
GT Promotion (Tafawa) & DJ Blondie

Tickets:: £13 including entry in raffle draw.

Guyanese Cuisine & Beverages on sale.

For tickets & more info contact:
Ingrid Graham 07930 301188
Elias 07814 451524
Eric English 0208 684 7095
Collis Bruce 07951 401636
Roy David 07799 487276
Blondie 07966 869697
Tafawa 07956 425 916

Please spread the word. Thank you.

Georgetown. Guyana: Fire destroys Umana Yana

BREAKING: Fire destroys Umana Yana

Fire destroys Umana Yana -built by the Amerindians – “Meeting Place of the People”

Fire late Tuesday afternoon , September 9th, destroyed the Umana Yana on High Street, Kingston, Georgetown.

The cause of the blaze was not immediately known. The fire consumed the thatched roof structure in less than 15 minutes.   Continue reading

PORK-KNOCKERS: A DYING BREED By Francis Quamina Farrier

PORK-KNOCKERS: A DYING BREED   By Francis Quamina Farrier


Dick Manning, Pork-Knocker

The days of the Pork-knockers are just about over. That is the opinion of one who prefers to be described as  a “Small Miner”. In an interview with veteran Pork-knocker, Dick Manning, he advanced the view that what has traditionally been referred to as “pork-knocking” no longer occurs. Small groups of men who use pick axes, shovels, and sheer mussel power to dig for gold and diamonds, is all but extinct in this the second decade of the 21st. century.

“We are no longer Pork-knockers”, Manning told me with a practical expression on his weather-beaten, yet handsome face, which is adorned with an extremely long white beard, separated into eight lengthy plaits.   Continue reading