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The Problem With Nationalism

El-Branden Brazil

Nationalism is a choice to live in a fantasy land, where colours on a piece of fabric are considered worthy of loyalty. That the myth is even worth dying for.

Such dedication to tribalism is paramount to all that is wrong in the world. Once we move beyond concepts of separation, the sooner we will be unified to take action to save the world that supports us to thrive.

I have no problem with national identity. Indeed, the world is a far more an interesting place for the myriad of cultural flavours that abound across the globe. However, in this festival of cultures, we must be careful not to forget what unifies us as a species, in our celebration of difference. We simply should not get carried away by the mythology of anthems, flags and other constructs of fantasy, to the point where we start to forget what we have…

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Pamela Bridgewater – Educator with a Vision – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Pamela Bridgewater – Educator with a Vision -By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Pamela Bridgewater

Pamela Bridgewater

She is quiet and unassuming but she had a sharp and enquiring mind. She is always thinking as to how she can improve the lives of children the world over. Pamela Bridgewater is a hero in the education system in Guyana. She has now brought her skills and commitment to New York where she is respected by the staff and students alike.

Pamela was born in Soesdyke on the East Bank of Demerara in Guyana. She is the last in a family of four. There are three brothers Aubrey, Samuel and Joe. Pamela’s mother was Minerva and her dad was Wishart. Pamela attended St. Mary’s Anglican School where she did well and her secondary school was at Cove and Garden. Her favorite subject was English. Continue reading

US Immigration Services increase fees

US Immigration Services increase fees

US visaNews Americas, WASHINGTON, D.C., Mon. Sept. 1, 2014: U.S. visa applicants and immigrants may be forced to soon shell out more for immigration services according to a notice published by the Department of State in the Federal Register.

The amendment to the Schedule of Fees for Consular Services Schedule will temporarily take effect on September 6, 2014 for certain nonimmigrant visa application processing fees, certain immigrant visa application processing and special visa services fees, and certain citizenship services fees. Continue reading

Grenada remembers Hurricane Ivan ten years on

Hurricane Ivan 2004 - Grenada

Grenada remembers Hurricane Ivan ten years on

By Caribbean News – September 7, 2014

ST GEORGE’S, Grenada – Sunday marked the ten-year anniversary of the devastation caused by Hurricane Ivan, which passed directly over Grenada on September 7, 2004, as a category three storm, killing 39 people.

The capital, St George’s, was severely damaged and several notable buildings were destroyed, including the residence of the prime minister. Ivan also caused extensive damage to a local prison, allowing most of the inmates to escape. Continue reading

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