Granger supports PPP’s “national alliance policy”; AFC calls it “a delaying tactic”

Granger supports PPP’s “national alliance policy”

 – prepared to sit and talk with ruling party

David Granger

David Granger

September 1, 2014 | BY KNEWS | Some critics got it wrong this time when they assumed that Opposition Leader, David Granger would be worried about government’s recent move in calling for a national alliance, which according to its PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee, has been well received thus far.

In fact, Granger told this publication that he would not seek to checkmate the People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) move, which apparently came in light of looming early general elections. The Leader of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) said that he fully supports the policy for he believes that it is quite desirable.

Granger asserted that the APNU was established three years ago with the aim of creating a government of national unity but its call was not supported by the PPP at that time, for they were still wedded to the winner-takes-all attitude. 

And while the Alliance For Change (AFC) did not accept their invitation to join in the pre-election coalition, the politician said that he is “glad” that three years after, the PPP has finally come around to understanding the need for a more consensual approach to governance. He told Kaieteur News, during an exclusive interview, that he welcomes the statements made by the government on this front.

“The implications of course I am unaware of, but I do believe that the time has come for us to abandon the winner-takes-all politics and create a government of national unity and bring all the stakeholders into the decision-making forum and move the country forward. I believe that it is a late but necessary step forward,” the Opposition Leader added. He insisted that he does not feel he should take any action to prevent it.

While Granger is supporting the “national alliance” principle being promoted by the PPP, he did express keen interest in knowing the full details of the policy. The Opposition Leader said that while Rohee has stated that the Party has spoken to various stakeholders, he has not been approached as yet.
Granger was then reminded of the fact that one of his APNU personnel had written a letter that was published in this newspaper which suggested that the recent move is only a political tactic by the PPP to gain a parliamentary majority come next elections.

Reminded of this detail, the politician said, “Well, that is why I would like to hear what this is all about because the President has not approached me or taken the need in promoting the concept of multiparty coalitions, and that is what the APNU stands for. If this national alliance is a device to recreate the civic component, which is what they did in 1991, I think it will be a waste of time. However, if they are serious, I am prepared to sit and speak with the PPP.”

The Opposition Leader said that although he welcomes the policy and supports it, he would be happy to be apprised of their intentions of making it a reality.

Asked if General Elections were to be held early and the opposition is returned with the same “parliamentary majority”, what would be the most likely position of the APNU, Granger said that he strongly believes that the opportunity would have been missed to move Guyana forward by creating a government of national unity, and of course, he would be “disappointed” were the party to be returned with the same results. Granger said that right now, he is confident that between November 2011 and August 2014 more citizens have seen the wisdom of a multiparty coalition in order to solve the problems facing Guyana. Hence he is beyond the shadow of a doubt, convinced that the APNU will get a majority.

“The opposition forces, particularly the APNU and any other party that wants to join us will have the majority. Considering everything that has happened since the last three years under President, Donald Ramotar, people will not support his party in the same numbers that they did in 2011, especially when they look at the corruption, the environmental crimes and the unsolved problems that continue to affect foreign direct investment…the people are fed up with the government and President Ramotar’s tenure of office has been a disaster. Quite frankly, the tide has turned against the PPP. Our victory is inevitable,” Granger concluded.


National Alliance policy is “another ploy to delay the inevitable” – AFC

 …remains resolute on no-confidence motion 
AFC General Secretary  David Patterson

AFC’s David Patterson

September 2, 2014 | BY | The Alliance For Change (AFC) is doubtful that there is any offer that the government could put on the table to restrain the party’s initiated no-confidence motion. The AFC is convinced that this new initiative of a national policy “is not genuine and is another ploy to delay the inevitable.”

The party has thus registered its non-intent to contemplate the “Government’s newfound inclusive policy.”

General Secretary of the AFC, David Patterson believes that the government is currently “pulling rabbits from the hat,” and is trying its best to stall general elections.  He told this newspaper that government is seeking to promote its national policy, but is yet to state the approach of this national umbrella.

Moreover, he explained, the People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) General Secretary, Clement Rohee has noted that there is need for an alliance, but declared that the opposition has to build trust; “and in building that trust, they want the opposition to do things, and agree on things -we find unreasonable -without question.”

He continued that it is currently unclear what the government is up to, but said his party will not accommodate them in carrying out its delay tactics. It was pointed out that the opposition has been more than reasonable with the government in their operations in Parliament.

Patterson said the opposition has related its concerns and dissatisfaction on many issues with the government, but is usually ignored. “Even before this no-confidence motion, we wrote to the government expressing our concerns over the illegal spending of money and they told us put up or shut up, saying basically to bring on the no-confidence motion.”

“They did not even hint that they would review our concerns or give it some thought… The government was also given a 10 point plan, which they had no intention of considering.” Patterson hinted that the government is not to be taken seriously on its recent initiative.

As it relates to A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), the AFC General Secretary said the party is moving ahead with its no-confidence motion and is optimistic that APNU will lend its support in removing the incumbent PPP-government. This is despite, Opposition Leader, David Granger saying that APNU is willing to sit with the PPP to discuss its national alliance policy.

Patterson said that Granger has always advocated for a one nation move, but as it stands, there has been no discussion between the two opposition parties on the PPP’s recent pronouncements. He said there has also been no discussion as to whether there might be matters to discuss or negotiate which could possibly lead to the withdrawal of the no-confidence motion.

He said the AFC expects APNU’s unconditional support of the no-confidence motion and “considers the PPP’s attempts as ‘willy-nilly,’ as they will try anything to stall the motion.”

There are two possible occurrences which political analysts say will most likely be forthcoming; the ruling party will either call early elections or face the history making moment and become the first government to be voted out of power. There is also the perception in some quarters that none of the major parties are ready for general elections. Continuous deadlock has gripped the two sides of the House and the opposition is convinced that only fresh polls can make the change. The opposition also is convinced that the PPP will seek to frustrate the no-confidence motion and employ various delay tactics.

Granger has noted however, that APNU believes that it is time to do away with this ‘winner-takes-all’ attitude. He said he supports the “national alliance” principle being promoted by the PPP, but expressed keen interest in knowing the full details since the opposition parties have not yet been engaged.

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  • de Castro compton  On 09/02/2014 at 1:30 pm

    Too much ‘saber rattling’ in politics but I do go along with
    the idea that the longer it takes to call elections favours one
    party or other….unlike USA s system which terms are for 4 years only and two term presidents….election predetermined !

    Not wishing to ‘speculate’ on the future outcome of a general election….I feel local elections should come first.

    A day week year is a long time in politricks…..
    We shall see !
    My spin

  • Leslie Chin  On 09/02/2014 at 3:27 pm

    The first past the post system of counting ballots is undemocratic. In a multi-party system, a party with a minority of votes can form a majority government. This has been demonstrated repeatedly in Canada. There is a movement to introduce proportional representation which has been successfully implemented in many countries.

  • de Castro compton  On 09/02/2014 at 6:02 pm

    PR system as suggesed is exactly that ….a public relations exercise ! Power should be devolved / removed from central government and returned to local government….
    similar to Swiss system ….cantons where decisions are
    made locally over national issues… are a citizen of a
    canton and not a citizen of Switzerland….
    Citizenship is earned not inherited !

    Under colonisation you were a citizen of Oz India Africa
    but not a citizen of UKPLC…..
    I AM A CITIZEN OF PLANET EARTH but fly my flag of convenience…..BRITISH EUROPEAN PASSPORT.
    ….how naive we are politically !

    UK not a signatory to shengen agreement ….even Brazil is
    and rest of Euroland……I support the idea of
    One people
    One world
    One destiny….anti nationalism for political gain !

    My spill

  • Robin McCallum  On 09/06/2014 at 4:17 am

    Mr Granger is absolutely correct about the need for National Alliance.It is amazing that the PPP/ CIVIC is mouthing this idea as if it is their own. What bold face. They were bankrupt of ideas from the beginning of their reign and the net result saw the Guyanese people fortunes disappear while the status quo got fat and enriched. APNU and AFC must be very careful about this new move by the PPP. I agree with the AFC leaders that the PPP is not presenting this idea with genuine intent. A little advice from a former US president Ronald Regan. Trust but first verify would be a good mantra to follow. The PPP is definitely loosing ground with Guyanese people who have seen and continue to see country being robbed of its natural resources and their lives made miserable. It is time for them to go and then face the music for all their indiscretions.

  • de Castro compton  On 09/06/2014 at 5:14 am

    The political class in hell bent on ‘power’….
    The electorate is brainwashed to obey…the sheep of
    the flock as their pastors lead them to the slaughter houses.

    Guyana and guyanese are awakening to a time of reckoning…
    Have every confidence that they will determine their future.

    One must hope lest driven to ‘despair’…suicide as per WHO
    statically !


  • Albert  On 09/06/2014 at 4:19 pm

    Only in Guyana politics you would hear such terms as “consensual approach to governance” and “national alliance” but many a pragmatic minded people might have a hard time figuring out what those terms mean in practice. Is Granger incline towards something similar to a one-party state or a PR system? There need to be more details. Don’t see the present government giving up all the pork they now enjoy to work with him in a sincere joint arrangement…….. if that is what he means.

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