Ti-Jean and His Brothers – directed by Henry Muttoo -Trailer

Ti-Jean and His Brothers -Trailer

Based on a West Indian fable…  

Nobel Prize-winning author Derek Walcott explores the power of good versus evil, poor versus wealthy and the search for what defines humanness. This folk tale—told by the animals of the rainforest through dialogue, dance and song—tells the tale of a poor widowed mother, her three sons, and their bargain with the devil.

Directed by Macy’s Guest Artist Henry Muttoo, Artistic Director of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation.

Oct 24 – Oct 26 & Oct 30 – Nov 2 at 8pm 
Oct 27 and Nov 3 at 3pm
Theatre 2, USF Tampa Campus

Read more at: http://theatreanddance.arts.usf.edu/c..

Note from Ken Corsbie:

Thanks for publishing Cyril… The trailer depicts the “action” very well, but there is another element – of intrigue, wits, song, narrative – making the play a great story..

and.. oh.. important – this production was LAST YEAR (2013) not in a couple of months.
Henry’s vision and execution of Derek’s work is uniquely “good theatre”. He is, after all, one of the best theatre designers in the Caribbean, and this production ranks him among the best directors


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  • de Castro compton  On 09/03/2014 at 2:52 am

    Certainly made me want to see more of the story…
    Story telling is a past time our next generations have
    not experienced….at 10 yo my grandmother came to
    live with us…..she taught me more about ‘life’ than any
    other institutions I attended…..our life is but a story that
    will be our legacy….
    Once again thanks Cyril for your efforts in understanding

    Where we from
    Where we are
    Where we going…..our Destiny !

    One people
    One love
    One world……..one destiny !

    Kamtan no not exited as yet ha ha

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