Apple’s ‘Living the life of dreams’ has no room for Blacks or Hispanics

Apple’s ‘Living the life of dreams’ has no room for Blacks or Hispanics


A screen shot from “I’m living the life of dreams” ad.

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. Aug. 5, 2014: Some two weeks after Apple’s CEO Tim Cook publicly committed to increasing the diversity of the iconic company’s work force, Apple has released its new television commercial that’s anything but diverse.

It may be Apple’s most popular commercial yet. It certainly seems to have been aired on every broadcast channel again and again. It is all about a touching view of the lives of young professionals whether in the U.S. or anywhere.It is titled “Living The Life of Dreams,” which is the song played to the video images of youthful women and men and their children and how they “struggle” to live a life of dreams amid lives little challenges for the well off. It is meant to portray the kind of life most of us would like to live, and can if we just buy iPhones and Apple apps.

Except if you are Black, Native American or Hispanic. 

There is no place in this ‘life of dreams’ commercial for Black Native American, or Hispanic women and men or their children.  It’s all White and Asian in this Apple World. Just like the bad old days but with iPhones!

This commercial focuses on how the iPhone is inspiring change in people’s daily lives. The “Dreams” spot in particular plays the song When I Grow Up by Jennifer O’Connor in the background while various situations with White and Asian parents are introduced where an iPhone is the primary device for different tasks.

For instance, there’s a woman checking a child’s pulse, a pilot consulting her iPhone for directions before hopping into a small plane, and even an artist using the iPhone with a projector to paint a large mural on the side of a building.

In this quick moving montage of images a few dozen women, men and children flash on the screen to the music but you don’t find one black child or parent anywhere.

Yet according to a Pew Research Center Study, 64 percent of blacks and 60 percent of Hispanics owned smart phones as of 2013, compared to 53 percent of Whites. Most are male and in the young demographic – 18-34.
Among individual manufacturers, Apple controlled 39.2 percent of the market (up 1.4 percent since January). Samsung was second with 22 percent (up 0.6 percent). Following Samsung in order were HTC (8.9 percent), Motorola (8.3 percent) and LG (6.7 percent).

So is this commercial very reflective of the kind of Apple the organization?

Apple could not be reached for comment on this ad at press time.

Meanwhile, if you visit the Apple Website and look at their executive and board of directors’ pages, all the senior executives and board members of are White.
Go to LinkedIn and search for Apple.  There are 500 or more managers and executives who work for Apple listed on LinkedIn. Less than 3 percent are black by our count.

Cook said recently the iPhone maker will eventually quantify the diversity of its 80,000-member workforce in a public disclosure.

The iconic company is facing pressure from Rev. Jesse Jackson, whose Rainbow PUSH Coalition has launched a high-profile campaign to push for more racial diversity in Silicon Valley.

And facing criticism from two major shareholders, Apple added language to its Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Charter pledging to “actively” pursue women and members of underrepresented groups for its board of directors, according to a report on


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  • gigi  On August 7, 2014 at 1:16 am

    It’s called subliminal advertising…Whites and Asians – the perceived successful and smart people – will continue to be seduced into this material fantasy world that the iphone is supposed to make happen. And the poor will mimic their actions in order to become part of this world. Apple doesn’t want to run the risk of turning away/turning off its clientele by making these products look cheap. I’m sure Apple advertisers know this is what will happen if it advertisements are also directed towards “perceived poor people.”

    I remember when fashion designers Liz Claiborne and Nathan Swartz (Timberland) were both very upset, and vocally expressed these feelings when minorities started wearing their stuff. They were worried about losing their affluent base. Liz Claiborne later sold her brand to Jones New York.

  • Ellen  On August 7, 2014 at 11:44 am

    Apple is playing with fire.
    When you have lots of money and you are at the top and removed from the people who you hate because of skin color, it always comes to light. They all fall into that TRAP.

    Whoever in Apple thought of that ad and said OK to it, is allowing themselves to put people of color down in a big way.
    It can become a big backlash for Apple, from non-whites as well as from white people in the USA, who hate this kind of stuff, and not to forget the world market of people who will see this ad.

    You are telling the world only {White and Chinese} can have this DREAM. How SAD it is to make an ad like that to sell your stuff.

    I will never buy anything from APPLE. And all my friends are saying the same.

    We will hear what the backlash will be like.

  • Albert  On August 7, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    Me and my simplistic view of life. I really don’t see this as a big deal. If Apple (or any other mfg) don’t hire people like you then don’t buy their product. There are many other competitors. The problem, as I see it, is that most minorities don’t know what’s going on and would buy the product anyway. Often you get what you deserve. I must be one of the poor bums Apple don’t want. I have a $20/mth cell phone for emergency and it work well for me.

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