Comedian Habeeb Khan passes away

Comedian Habeeb Khan passes away

JULY 23, 2014 | BY |
Habeeb Khan

Habeeb Khan

Renowned Guyanese comedian, Habeeb Khan passed away yesterday, at his Friendship, East Bank Demerara home.

Khan’s reputed wife, Doris Sukhwa, told reporters that he died after a period of prolonged illness. He was 78. Sukhwa said that she discovered the comedian dead sometime after noon yesterday.

She said that Khan had suffered from an asthmatic illness.

“He used to smoke and drink… He was in and out of the hospital for some time, but I am glad that period is over and he passed away at home in peace.”  

“We didn’t live together, but I would take care of him and check on him from time to time … I came to see him around 12 o’clock and when I find him, he wasn’t moving, he was just lying there. So I called in the police and they confirmed that he was dead… He will be remembered as someone who could always make people laugh.”

Khan is known for putting smiles on the faces of generations of Guyanese, whether it was via an advertisement on television or a stage play, he had an aptitude to cause his audience to laugh.

The comedian was the father of 16. He travelled throughout Guyana, the Caribbean and North America plying his trade, and is best known for his performance in the movie “If Wishes Were Horses.”

A proud Guyanese, Khan was always telling jokes about his homeland and his family.   Described as an “Ambassador of comedy,” Khan was featured as a Kaieteur News ‘Special Person’ in October 2009.

During his interview, Khan detailed that he should have really gone on to study law, but he experimented with comedy and got stuck.

He said that his work paid off as he later received several awards from overseas for his work including a special one from a New York group for the 2006 Guyana Folk Festival Award and another for “International Comedy” by Gama Awards of Canada.

Until his death, the entertainer resided at his humble abode in Friendship, which was popularly known as “the only house with a big padlock on the gate but the yard has no fence.”

As the news of his passing spread, Khan’s relatives and friends shared their heartfelt tributes.

“I am sad and very much in tears… My Father Habeeb Khan passed away this morning. I asked God to help me. One thing I know is that he is in the arms of our Lord …Thanking my family in Guyana for their support,” His daughter, Nycoma Khan, who resides in Houston, Texas, USA, wrote on her Facebook page.

Fellow comedian and businessman Lyndon ‘Jumbie’ Jones noted that Khan’s death is a great loss to Guyana and the entertainment industry.

“I am at a loss for words, but what I do know is that he will forever be my friend and his legacy of laughter will live on. We have worked together on several occasions and I know he has inspired many of today’s comics.”

Kirk Jardine known by his stage name “Chow Pow,” shared similar sentiments.

“I grew up watching him. I remember his movie ‘If Wishes Were Horses’. He was brilliant at what he did, a veteran of his day. He inspired many people. He left a pattern for many entertainers to follow. I was actually inspired and encouraged to do stand-up comedy because of him and I am glad that I had the privilege of working with him. He will be remembered as one of Guyana’s best.”

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  • needybad4u  On July 24, 2014 at 8:34 am

    Habeeb Khan will be remembered as a legend in the entertainment world. Condolences to family and friends. God Bless.

  • David Hazell  On July 25, 2014 at 5:09 pm

    Sad to hear RIP.

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