World Control -Thinking outside of the box- by Joan

World Control -Thinking outside of the box-  by Joan.

Joan is one of our readers.  She sent this e-mail to Guyanese Online.

There is an over abundance of Muslim Hate E-mails going around these days. There are a lot of pictures and videos and talk about them over-running the countries in Europe.

I cannot see anyone taking over any WHITE country.

Why did those Governments take them into the country in the first place?

All they have to do is isolate them with bad schools, put them in jail, and when they come out there will be no jobs. Then give them dope to sell and guns to kill each other.  This way they do not have to kill them.

That has been very successful in some inner cities in some countries we know about.

The Natives…  all they do is drink alcohol and do drugs … and commit suicide.

This way has been very successful in keeping them down and out of the way that you do not even see them.

The only people who are winning and did not let AIDS kill them out, and are getting all their rights are the GAY people, they have fought a good fight.

The Hispanic South America situation….  Looks like a group of people who were allowed to come in as cheap labor, but now are not wanted. They did not think of it before it got to this stage?

But God might want them to take back the land that was theirs before the British and other Europeans came, and is now sending the young to do it.?

Now I am thinking something a little outside the BOX. Was there or is there a plan to stir up shit in the lands where the trouble-makers of the world are, in their own countries against each other in their different sects and leave them to kill each other and in that way the “world rulers” will be rid of most of them?

Plus they will be broken up so badly it will take them another 100 yrs to get up again. The injured and homeless and loss of men women and kids will leave great hate in their hearts for each other too hard to fix. Sounds like their plan… does it not?

The plan to keep Africa in the dark ages was very bad for Africa. It worked very well as you can see.

I also think this right wing stuff of trying to keep women and young people plus old people from voting, and low pay reminds me of women bare foot and pregnant in the old days.

Not to forget how it can be such a wonderful lesson to see how a group of people who remind me of the Muslims they hate, are doing their best to tell anyone who is of color not to think of being a leader in their country or we will sit on your head and stop you from succeeding in anything you try to do.

You have to say “OH yes we see and hear”

Look and learn is the name of the game.

So you see the lessons are there for the Europeans to learn what to do to keep the Muslims the under dogs for ever AMEN.

It would be nice to see what China does when it is time to put Europe into her place, if she gets too big for her BOOTS.

That should be something to see who will win that race. I think it is coming soon…. if the world is still around with all this fighting going on.

If you do not see what this world is all about, you are blind.

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  • eusi kwayana  On 07/23/2014 at 6:32 am

    What a comment on modern life~

  • Cyril Balkaran  On 07/23/2014 at 1:21 pm

    I would have preferred the word “Domination” to be used instead of Control. The psychology is simple; First is to get into the system which many countries are experiencing with the Good Islamic Faith and spread the word of the Good and Holy Prophet, then to convince others to join the Holy War or JIHAD and then to take Islam to the Dominance it may rightly so belong in this Dark Age. The Europeans are using Science and technology with the Internet to encourage thinkers on both sides of the fence to support this International Jihad Mission. It is spreading globally with Alkaeda Cells everywhere opposing any bit of resistance to their percieved cause. In India, the middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan the price for Resistance is greater and people pay with their lives! The world is so armed now with Nuclear technology that only a matter of days before one applies this technology on their percieved enemies.Our control over the major users on Nuclear power and energy is lost.
    The UN is impotent and are held ransom by those Nuclear Rogue Nations. Where do neutral countries stand in all of this. Each of the 184 Nations do have a vote in the UN to use, but against whom? The Veto power is with the major stakeholders or the G5 grouping. So the rest of the world is forced to be a passive onlooker, May the good side of Islam prevail on this world and may a JIhad never succeed!

    • Albert  On 07/25/2014 at 3:15 am

      Apart from North Korea and Pakistan which other country with Nuclear Weapons is considered a major risk?
      Why do you think we have lost control over the major users of technology..

  • Albert  On 07/23/2014 at 2:33 pm

    Joan I wish I could see the world and human existence as clearly as you think you do. When I put on the Christian cap I get no where because science contradicts Christianity. Any God or Creator has to be the one in control of science. But reading what science tells us leads to the conclusion that the world/universe does not make sense, or we are incapable of understanding it.

    Human behavior on the global level is very complex. One of the major driving force seem to be the capitalist motive of greed. It seem to cut across religious, racial (except Africans) and national boundaries. It seem to be slowly destroying America and the West. It is quickly taking hold on a global level.

    I disagree with you on one point. Wall Street and the Business community welcome the large inflow of potential cheap foreign labor. Its mostly the low income right wing group who are the main opposition. They have wasted their years failing to take advantage of the opportunities America gave them. Now they are afraid of the competition from foreigners.

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