CIMBUX: 1st Economic Development Seminar – June 29, 2014



Attendees at CIMBUX Economic Development Meeting

Attendees at CIMBUX Economic Development Seminar

On Sunday June 29th, 2014 Cimbux Inc. {Committee for the Improvement of Buxton Inc.) held its 1st “Economic Development Conference” at the Friendship Primary School, Friendship Village, East Coast Demerara, Guyana. The theme was “Reviving Buxton/ Friendship Village Economy” and fostering sustainable development for Vigilance, Annandale, and the surrounding villages.

The seminar was sponsored based on the decline in the Social and Economic conditions in the villages over the years. It was coordinated by Mr. Keith Easton- Vice President, of Cimbux Inc. of the U.S.A, and Guyana’s, Mr. Deon Abrams, Educator, Community Activist, and TV host, along with Assistant Co-ordinator, Ms. Yvette Herod, Community Activist and Founder of Toucan 11 Multipurpose club in Buxton. Both persons are honorees of Cimbux Inc.

The panel included Mr. Aubrey Stephenson, a Buxtonian and President of Federal Management Systems Inc. He also owns businesses in Guyana, the USA and other countries and is the President of Federal Management Systems Inc. There were also Mr. Christopher Ram, well known Attorney, Accountant and writer, Mr. Curbette Victorine, Agriculturist and Mr. Owen Mc Garrell, retired head teacher of the Practical Instructional Center (PIC) in Buxton/ Friendship. A paper on the Village Economy was prepared by Bro. Eusi Kwayana for presentation…

Read More:  Cimbux Econ. Dev Release 6 29 14 Final

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