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Marijuana in Jamaica … decriminalized

June 13, 2014 – The Economist  Magazine

Marijuana in Jamaica … decriminalized

Update: On June 13th the Jamaican government announced plans to allow possession of up to two ounces of marijuana and to decriminalise the drug for medicinal purposes. Parliament is expected to vote on the changes in September. The blog post below, which was written in February, explains the context.

IT WOULD have seemed a lot more revolutionary just two years ago but for Jamaica, it is still a welcome whiff of sense. The island’s energy minister, Philip Paulwell, who also leads government business in parliament, has said he will find time this year to decriminalise possession of small amounts of marijuana. At a stroke, the move will cut the number of illicit smokes by as many as a million a week. It will also make a Jamaican break somewhat less nervy for ganja-puffing tourists.  Continue reading

Saving and Splurging, in Guyana – Seth Kugel – NY Times

Kaieteur Falls = NYT

View of and near Kaieteur Falls in Guyana. (Seth Kugel for The New York Times)




Saving and Splurging, in Guyana

JUNE 17, 2014 – New York Times – Seth Kugel FRUGAL TRAVELER

Where I come from, we don’t put ice in our Guinness. Or Red Bull. But in the gold-mining frontier town of Bartica, Guyana, I became a (temporary) convert.

Ice-cold beer makes sense in the steamy jungle town, and a little extra alertness can’t hurt in an area where it seems as if half the population is armed.  Continue reading

E-Book- Tiger’s Birthday Party – by Peter Halder

Tiger’s Birthday Party – by Peter Halder

Halder Book- tiger'sPeter Halder’s third e-book, Tiger’s Birthday Party, has just been published and is now on sale at the Amazon.com and Smashwords, links below. It is a menagerie of seven amusing and entertaining animal tales, each of which has a moral for all.

Tiger’s Birthday Party ends abruptly when sloth, by name and nature, went to fetch water. Tiger’s Zeal proves its undoing. A lion sets out to kill and eat a wild boar but is taught a lesson in The Lion and The Wild Boars. A leopard uses Grace Before Meals to save a powis. A man learns that city tricks cannot help him To Catch A Monkey. In the Jaguar and the Wolf, a jaguar feigns death to catch a clever wolf but is outwitted. A male monkey seeks the help of a tiger to prove it is brave in The Monkey and the Tiger. The final treat in this enchanting book of animal fables is a Rhyme of The Impossible. Continue reading