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SNAKE CUT – By Hugh Yearwood

SNAKE CUT – By Hugh Yearwood

Hugh Yearwood

I treat my own bouts of hiraeth by writing about my experiences as a child growing up in Guyana. I was fortunate to travel and work in the interior and luckily kept an irregular journal during the years 1980-1981. I left Ebini Ranch in 1983 to study veterinary medicine in Poland where I have remained since.  Here is my first story – Snake Cut.

A story about overcoming fear of snakes at Kabawer Ranch using alchemy.

Snake Cut vial

Snake Cut vial

“Snake! Snake!” – The children scattered. The high octave warning would do that. It caused our eyes to dart left and right, hearts pumping loudly against eardrums as the adrenalin surged. That startling call was able to interrupt us even when we were making much louder noises with our calcium carbide-mixed-with-spittle and shaken-in Ovaltine tin bombs. Come to think of it what a nice, long winded name for those ‘harmless’ bombs.

“Snake! Snake!” The alarm call would ring! Stay and get closer for a glimpse as it slithered on its menacing way? Or should I trust the others to keep it in sight, run for the cutlass and be the one to make the heroic kill?  Continue reading

Guyanese is Purcellville’s (Virginia) first Black Mayor

Guyanese is Purcellville’s (Virginia) first Black Mayor

June 6, 2014 | By |
Kwasi Fraser

Kwasi Fraser

Kwasi Fraser is the newest Mayor of Purcellville. With his 868 votes in the May 6 town elections, Fraser, a Guyanese, defeated Vice-Mayor J. Keith Melton to become the town’s first black Mayor. Fraser campaigned on the motto “Putting citizens first.”

He obtained a resounding 62 per cent of the votes cast in a 94 per cent white community.

Fraser migrated to the US in 1982 with his mother, Monica Philander-Fraser, a Buxtonian, and four siblings. He later became a US Citizen. He has a wife and three children who helped him in his campaign.  Continue reading

“Under the Tamarind Tree” Shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize 2014

Rosaliene: Congrats to you for this achievement. Your book should surely get noticed now.

Three Worlds One Vision

Bestselling Author Neil GaimanBestselling author Neil Gaiman
Among judges of Dundee International Book Prize 2014
Photo Credit: BBC News

At last, a window has opened for my yet-to-be-published first novel, Under the Tamarind Tree. After receiving rejection letters from literary agents – of the kind that said, “While your project sounds interesting, I don’t think it is right for my list at this time” – a friend suggested that I should also consider participating in book contests.

In February 2014, I learned about the Dundee International Book Prize through Caribbean journalist and author, Tony Williams. Tony offers informative information for writers through his Caribbean Book Blog. I set to work.

  • What is the Dundee International Book Prize? Check.
  • Who qualifies for entry? Check.
  • How do I submit my novel? Check.
  • When is the deadline for submission? Check.

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