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Who needs an Attitude Adjustment? – by Ron Persaud

Who needs an Attitude Adjustment?

 By Ron Persaud

Mr. (later, Dr.) Earl E. Timothy, now deceased … I learnt … with sadness,  taught me all I needed to know about the communication process.

We (ECFI class of 1963-1965) learnt that:

1.The communication process is aimed at changing the behavior of the communicant(s).

2. It is the communicator’s responsibility to ensure the effectiveness of the communique – by observing feedback – the changed behavior

3. There are physical barriers to the communication process …

…as well as mental barriers.

4. That the mental barriers are either conceptual or attitudinal.

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Maya Angelou and the Prince – by Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Maya Angelou and the Prince!

By: Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

maya angelou

Maya Angelou

I barely lifted my head as she knocked on my door. After ten years as a teacher in New York I knew the drill rather well. The Guidance Counselor would come into my room, introduce the student and wish me a wonderful year. But this time it was different. It was the last day of the semester and six weeks of  summer school would begin in two days.

“This is Prince. He is in the eighth grade, you will have an interesting summer,”
Ms. Schulman said  and left quickly. Prince was tall and muscular with rounded shoulders and he had the habit of hitting the insides of both hands as if he were in a boxing ring.
As I was leaving the school I ran into Ms.Schulman. She looked at me and smiled. “You will find that Prince is special, really special. Continue reading

Toronto: City Hall Flag Raisings – Guyana 2014

Toronto: City Hall Flag Raisings – Guyana 2014

Toronto City Hall Guyana Flag Raising.

Ann Harper writes:
Ever since May 26, 1966 it has been the tradition for Guyanese at home and abroad to observe the annual Independence Day as a holiday. It is marked by a ‘Flag Raising Ceremony’. It was 48 years ago when the Duke of Kent, Sir Richard Luyt, Guyana’s first Governor General presented to the late Prime Minister Forbes Burnham in the House of Assembly special papers containing ‘a matter of great urgency’ on the behalf of the Queen of England. Continue reading

Guyana politics: Time to sing a new song – commentary

Time to sing a new song

Stabroek News – May 30, 2014 – Editorial |

The 48th anniversary of our independence has prompted quite a few letters in the media, as well as various online comments and blogs about our evolution as a society and a nation and, by extension, the quality of our democracy. The opinions expressed are almost unanimous in their disquiet regarding where we have reached after 48 years of largely unfulfilled self-government.

When we listen to a musical group, from a steelband to a symphony orchestra, we appreciate how different instruments combine to produce a tuneful melody. All we get, however, from the different howls of protest in the various media, each with its own style and mode of expression, is a veritable cacophony of discontent, ranging from the most reasonable argument to the most vitriolic of positions. In the latter respect, some in the chorus might think that they are singing from the same hymn sheet but there are those whose interpret ations are irrational, polarising and not helpful at all. One thing is depressingly certain though: the song remains the same and it is one of mind-numbing discordance.   Continue reading

Men, Men, Men!

Have a laugh for Father’s Day


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