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Gold for Barbados at the Chelsea Flower Show

Barbados Horticultural Society Team 2014

Barbados Horticultural Society Team 2014

Gold for Barbados at the Chelsea Flower Show

   –   Business Barbados

20 May 2014

Very early on Tuesday morning, as soon as the gates of the Chelsea Flower Show were opened, the intrepid members of the Barbados Horticultural Society’s team hurried inside to catch a first glimpse of whatever certificate the judges had awarded them and placed on their exhibit during the night. And there it was, in all its glory … a Gold Medal! That very precious, highly sought after, most prestigious, extremely elusive, and for most exhibitors, never achieved, ultimate accolade in the horticultural world – a Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show. Barbados had won one! And, quite incredibly this was Gold Medal number 16 for Barbados in 27 consecutive and highly commendable appearances at the show. When added to all the other medals won, 10 Silver-Gilt and 1 Silver, this all equates to a truly incredible achievement and a phenomenal record of continued success.    Continue reading

Camille Alleyne: a Trinidadian Astronaut on two missions – video

Camille Alleyne a Trinidadian Astronaut on two missions

Camille Alleyne


Camille Alleyne is from Trinidad and Tobago and an Aerospace Engineer who has worked and managed various space projects at NASA and the Department of Defense, for the last 16 years.

She is currently the Assistant Program Scientist for the International Space Station (ISS) and focuses her skills and knowledge on developing innovative strategies for communicating the benefits and value of the ISS.  She is also responsible for integrating all of the ISS education projects and activities, globally.  Continue reading

GUYANA: 2014 Grade Six Assessment (Common Entrance) – Reports

New Guyana School boy tops Grade Six

Stabroek News Report – June 12, 2014

New Guyana School pupil Jorrel De Santos has topped this year’s Grade Six examination, it was announced this morning.

Jorrel De Santos

Jorrel De  Santos topped the country with 533 marks.

Aliah Mohamed, a student of School of the Nations secured second place with 531 marks while Ravi Singh, a student of Westfield Prep, sealed the third spot with 530 marks. Isaac Mallampati, of the News Guyana School, gained fourth place with the 527 marks and Analise Samaroo, of School of the Nations, earned 525 marks, securing the fifth position in the country.

Krystal Singh, of Success Elementary, Jeremiah Bentham, of Winfer Gardens Primary, and Jeron Boucher, of Genesis Early Childhood, tied for sixth place with 524 marks. The ninth place was grabbed by Shania De Groot of Success Elementary and Reuben Stanley of Mae’s Under 12, both scoring 523 marks.   Continue reading

Messages of Hope for a Brighter Future – By Tangerine Clarke

Messages of Hope for a Brighter Future

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