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Twenty First Century Father’s Day – By Francis Quamina Farrier

TWENTY FIRST CENTURY FATHER’S DAY;  a declaration of War by Francis Quamina Farrier


A USA-based Guyanese father congratulates his son who had just graduated from college in 2014 in Maryland.

This is a declaration of WAR, of sorts; it is intended to be a war against otherwise, sweet, brilliant, law-abiding and normal folks, but who tend to go bonkers on Father’s Day. They blast ALL men – the good, the bad and the ugly. Now, let me say right away that this article is not a “War of the Sexes”, and not intended to pit males against females. NO. It is about the fact that Father’s Day has been kidnapped, so to speak; it is now more the day when some well intention people, address audiences and congregations about the bad guys; fathers who have not done what they should do as fathers. Thank goodness there are still those who do the right thing about honouring the good fathers on Father’s Day.

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Guyana- by Elise Turcotte: book review

Guyana- by Elise Turcotte: book review

Guyana offers a series of shocks, as it slowly unwinds its plot, in which a corpse’s real face and life are finally revealed in their true horror.

Elise Turcotte

Elise Turcotte

By: Keith Garebian- Published on Mon Jun 02 2014 – Toronto Star

Guyana, a small South American-Caribbean country of blended races and rancid violence and crime, was the site of one of the most notorious mass murder-suicides orchestrated by American cult leader Jim Jones, in November 1978.

Ruled at the time by Forbes Burnham, an Afro-Guyanese, who went from being a political moderate to an extreme leftist, the country had in him and Jones two figures that were dictators of chaos. Through the Jonestown massacre (with its death toll of over 900) and the country’s license to perpetrate violence against women, Guyana serves as a back-story and touchstone in Elise Turcotte’s mystery novel, Guyana, beautifully translated from the French by Rhonda Mullins. Continue reading