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Jamun or Jamoon – a very useful fruit

It’s purple, it’s grape-like – it’s Jamun!

Posted By Cynthia Nelson On October 17, 2009 –  Stabroek News |  Comments

According to Hindu tradition, Rama subsisted on the Jamun fruit in the forest for 14 years during his exile from Ayodhya. Because of this, many Hindus regard this as the ‘fruit of the Gods’ especially in Gujarat, India page1&8C(NEW):pg3&6c.qxdHi Everyone, from the bark, to the leaves, to the fruit and its seeds – the Jamun tree is another of nature’s wonderful gifts. I had not eaten Jamun in over a decade, until last week. And, it took my friend Sonia who is visiting from overseas, to point me to a Jamun tree here in Barbados where I could have Jamun to my heart’s content. Located on a stretch of road behind the Pine housing area and where parking is almost non-existent, I pulled off the road and together we walked over to the Jamun tree.   Continue reading

Projects: Africa with China – by TheAfricaTheyNeverShowYou

Some  Projects in Africa

The 2008 “world crisis” seems to be only a western problem, since Africa first trading partner became China development started to affect positively on the continent.     by TheAfricaTheyNeverShowYou

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Jeanette’s photo album: Guyana Trip 2014 – April 4 to 18

These pictures were taken recently by a group who went on a tour to Guyana 

JeanetteYou are invited to view Jeanette’s photo album:

Guyana Visit 2014 – April 4 to 18  

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