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India’s Elections: Why Modi matters

India’s Elections: Why Modi matters

His blunt style could galvanize India. Voters have high expectations of his ability to boost the economy, but many Muslims are nervous about the right-wing Hindu nationalist.

By Staff Writer / May 16, 2014  – Christian Science Monitor

India's P.M. Narendra Modi

India’s P.M. Narendra Modi

New Delhi. India.

Never has India had a prime minister like Narendra Modi.

The right wing Hindu nationalist who swept to power in parliamentary elections, according to official results Friday, is a proud outsider. A self-made man whose father sold tea at a railroad station, his blunt style, poor English, and disdain for social graces have made him as distasteful to India’s traditional ruling class as he is popular elsewhere.

“He is breaking the door down,” says Tavleen Singh, a political columnist. “He is the wrong caste, the wrong class, the wrong everything.”  Continue reading