Bring Back our Girls: Mothers in Anguish

Happy Mother’s Day to you Rosaliene.

Three Worlds One Vision

Bring Back Our Girls - Million-Woman March - Abjuja - Nigeria - 30 April 2014Bring Back Our Girls – “Million-Woman March” – Abuja – Capital of Nigeria
30 April 2014
Photo Credit: Gnomes National News Service

Mother’s Day. Today in the United States and in some countries around the world, we honor our mothers. We owe our mothers our lives and much more. But all is not rosy for mothers.

We women have been blessed or cursed, perhaps a bit of both, with Nature’s endowment of childbearing and child nurturing. Our role as child bearers is a labor of joy and sorrow, love and pain. We rejoice in our children’s achievements, however small; we suffer when they are sick or injured. If we could, we would take their pain. When they are bullied by their peers, we stand ready to defend them. When they are snatched from us, we find no solace.

For the mothers of over 270 girls kidnapped, almost a month ago…

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