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COTAB – Caribana Dance – Toronto – August 2, 2014

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COTAB Caribana Flyer

Guyana and the drug trade

Guyana and the drug trade

MAY 5, 2014 | BY  | EDITORIAL

The drug trade is pervasive.  It has reached every section of the society with the result that one can now see splendour among poverty.  In the city there are buildings with North American architecture going up among others slowly collapsing because their owners simply do not have money to rehabilitate them.

To the casual observer, the constructions reflect a developing society in which businessmen move to expand their businesses. The truth is that money is not at a premium and anyone who undertakes massive constructions must have an alternative source of funding.

The drug issue is of significant consequence to this country. Guyana has many cocaine addicts so the sale of drugs in this country can now be considered a major issue.  Continue reading

Buxton Fund Spring Sizzle – Brooklyn NY. – May 18, 2014

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