In South Africa, upstart candidate treads a path radically different from Mandela’s (+video)

In South Africa, upstart candidate treads a path radically different from Mandela’s (+video)

Julius Malema, booted from the ruling ANC and running in tomorrow’s election, is promoting radical changes and charging that the ANC has preserved apartheid’s economic inequalities. And he’s gaining an audience.

By Staff writer / May 6, 2014 – Christian Science Monitor

Julius Malema waved to his Economic Freedom Fighters party supporters in Tembisa township, east of Johannesburg, Feb. 22. South Africa goes to the polls May 7.

Mike Hutchings/Reuters – Marikana, South Africa

Twenty years ago, South Africa transitioned to a full, nonracial democracy and elected Nelson Mandela president. Now, on Wednesday, its citizens will go to the polls for the first vote of the post-Mandela era – a time that will test questions of race, justice, and resources.  

It is nearly certain that the African National Congress (ANC), led by President Jacob Zuma, will again win the vote. But the party made famous by Mr. Mandela, that inspired South Africans with its heroes and moral courage, now generates more ambivalence than enthusiasm and is seen as riddled with corruption and cronyism.

The real story is the rise of an upstart candidate who appears to share few of Mandela’s approaches and seems willing and possibly able to shake the nation off Mandela’s path: a savvy 33-year-old who sports a red beret and manages to project a revolutionary Che Guevara aura while also wearing $25,000 watches and flying around on private jets.  [Read more]

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