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Guyana: US Ambassador chides Gov’t for Media Censorship

Media houses radio licences…Unthinkable applications ignored for decades – US Ambassador

MAY 4, 2014 | BY  By Latoya Giles 
US Ambassador D. Brent Hardt

US Ambassador D. Brent Hardt

United States Ambassador, D. Brent Hardt has chided the Government of Guyana over what he calls the “censorship of the media”. The ambassador at a reception on Friday evening to celebrate World Press Freedom Day criticized how Government has failed to properly address several pressing media problems.

“Two years later it’s certainly disappointing that radio in Guyana still falls short of offering an open public square for debate and discussion” Hardt told invitees.According to Ambassador Hardt, back in 2012 he had expressed his surprise at knowing that Guyana alone had complete state monopoly of the radio. He said that in other countries with their ubiquitous “call in shows” was a vital public forum, but in Guyana there is no such counterpart.  Continue reading

RODNEY COI, Opening a “Can of Worms” for the PNC


MAY 4, 2014 | BY  | By: RALPH SEERAM

The PNC is worried, very worried, and has every right to be worried about disclosures emanating from the Rodney Commission of Inquiry; not that it’s anything new to older folks in Guyana and those in the Diaspora like myself.  They have for good and selfish reasons to worry about what more than half the voting population in Guyana is now learning about a period of Guyana’s history that they never experienced.

Today you read about how the PPP is undemocratic; how it’s a dictatorship, and to be honest some of the PPP behaviour brought this on. However young Guyanese are now learning what a true dictatorship was under the PNC, what a real police state Guyana was under PNC rule.  Continue reading

Guyana: Rabbi Washington & The House of Israel

Three Worlds One Vision

Rabbi Washington of House of IsraelRabbi Washington of the House of Israel
Photo Credit: Guyana Chronicle Online

Thirty-four years after Walter Rodney’s assassination, the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry held its first session on 28 April 2014 at the Guyana Supreme Court Law Library. Comprised of a three-member team of top Caribbean attorneys from Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago, the Commission’s task is to examine the facts and circumstances surrounding Dr. Rodney’s assassination. Of special interest is the perpetrator, the late Guyana Defense Force Sergeant Gregory Smith who supplied the bomb-rigged walkie-talkie that killed Dr. Rodney. Who was behind Smith’s actions? Who helped him to escape to French Guiana?

Several police files pertaining to the case have already disappeared. (Kaieteur News)

On Day Two, the testimony of Dr. Rodney’s older brother, Edward, implicated the House of Israel religious cult: a “hit squad” for the then ruling People’s National Congress (PNC) government. In…

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Engineers without Degrees – Birds at work – revised

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