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Surveillance video and Biker Murder cases upset President Ramotar

Surveillance video and Biker Murder cases upset President Ramotar

orange walkThis video, that has drawn thousands of views, has riled the president too. President Ramotar used the Annual Police Officers’ conference to tell the police that he was disappointed with their investigations, the low prosecution rate and the many unsolved crimes.

Now the police obtained the edited and unedited videos, but both the videos and the police failed to show up in court. The accused Carlyle Barton walked free.    Continue reading

C.L.R. James: Back in Style, Black in Style – a Book Review

C.L.R. James: Back in Style, Black in Style – a Review and a Comic!

Thursday, 24 April 2014- By Paul Buhle and Milton Knight, Truthout | Book Review 

C.L.R. James

C.L.R. James

C.L.R. James in Imperial Britain opens up the issue of the Third World struggle in an elegant and memorable way.

 (Author’s note: This marks the first appearance of excerpts from C.L.R. James, a Graphic History, a comic art book in process, drawn by distinguished African American artist Milton Knight, edited by Paul Buhle. The excerpts – young Trinidadian James grows to self-consciousness and emigrates to London, writes a play about Toussaint Louverture, with Paul Robeson starring – are easily understood.)

C.L.R. James in Imperial Britain 

By Christian Hogsbjerg.  Durham: Duke University Press, 2014. 312 pp., $24.95 paperback.

This year marks a quarter-century since the death of Cyril Lionel Robert James (1901-89). His obituary in The New York Times, putting aside many other interests and qualities of a long and productive life, mainly described him as the last giant of Pan-Africanism.   Continue reading

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