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Historic Georgetown City Hall is to be repaired and restored

Historic Georgetown City Hall is to be repaired and restored


The historic City Hall, described as one of the finest examples of Gothic Architecture in the Caribbean, could see long-awaited and much needed rehabilitation soon.

Built in the late 19th century, City Hall has been left to fall apart over the years, but now the government says it is ready to put funding to get the structure back in shape. The announcement today from Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon.

Dr Luncheon said that apart from public funds, there has been external interest in funding the project; he did not name those external interests. No price tag has been attached to what is expected to be a mammoth task to restore the building and maintain its architectural style, which is known as “fancy dress” Gothic. Continue reading

Thirty-five years of colorful kite making – by Tangerine Clarke

Thirty-five years of colorful kite making

Article and Photo by Tangerine Clarke – Caribbean Life News -NYC

Trevor Smith shows off his six-point star kites in Georgetown, Guyana.

Trevor Smith shows off his six-point star kites in Georgetown, Guyana.

Georgetown, Guyana resident Trevor Smith sits on the sidewalk at the corner of Camp and Regent streets – one of the busiest intersections in the capital to sell his colorful designed kites.

He has perfected one of the most popular designs that could be found anywhere in the country, but according to him, he has put his spin on the creation to make it his own.  Continue reading

Caribbean Fusion Festival – Kissimmee, Florida. April 27, 2014

Help us to celebrate 20 years with CAFA

at the Caribbean Fusion Festival
Caribbean & Floridian Association


The Caribbean and Floridian Association, Inc. (CAFA) will be hosting the 20th Annual Caribbean Fusion on Sunday, April 27, 2014 and is sponsored by the Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA), The Osceola Tourism Development Council and the City of Kissimmee
Continue reading

Chinese group traveling worldwide in RV reaches Guyana

Chinese group traveling worldwide in RV reaches Guyana

APRIL 24, 2014 | BY KNEWS |

RV in GuyanaPicture: The group with their RV parked in front of the Guyana Revenue Authority building yesterday with their Guyana guide, Haleem Khan.

A group of passionate young people from China and Taiwan who dared to achieve and complete their dream of travelling 200 countries driving a Recreational Vehicle (RV) reached Georgetown yesterday. They were previously in Venezuela.
What started out as a group of 12 in two RV’s has now shrunk to four as the group pursues their global travel.  Their names are Wujingyi, Chun-Hung Chen, Shuotiao and Hambin Chen.

The lifetime journey all started on May 19, 2012 in China. Since then, the group has traveled through four continents, crossed three oceans and visited 45 countries and more than 170 cities in an RV.  Continue reading

Government has ruled out calling early national elections

Government has ruled out calling early national elections


Guyana’s Parliament Building

Government has so far ruled out calling early national elections due to a more than GUY$37 billion reduction in the 2012 National Budget by the combined opposition.

“Elections are not at the top of the list where the solutions and the arrival of compromises and action to be taken to rectify this situation,” said Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon. “I for one feel that this issue-the non approval of funding can indeed be addressed without resort to elections,” he added.

Some observers believe that the governing Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) is in no hurry for elections because it is not entirely certain that it would regain its parliamentary majority which it lost at the November 2011 elections.  Continue reading

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