US deports numerous Caribbean nationals following minor crimes – report

US deports numerous Caribbean nationals following minor crimes – report

WASHINGTON D.C., United States, Monday April 7, 2014, CMC – A significant number of Caribbean nationals had been deported after committing minor infractions, including traffic violations, according to an analysis of internal United States government records since President Barack Obama assumed office.

The figures showed that two-thirds of the nearly two million deportation cases involve Caribbean and other immigrants.

The paper said an examination of the Obama administration’s record shows how the disconnect evolved between the president’s stated goal of blunting what he called the harsh edge of immigration enforcement and the reality that has played out.

Obama came to office promising comprehensive immigration reform, but lacking sufficient support, the administration took steps it portrayed as narrowing the focus of enforcement efforts on serious criminals.

Yet the records show that the enforcement net actually grew, said the newspaper, adding that its analysis is based on government data covering more than 3.2 million deportations over 10 years, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

According to the records, the largest increases were in deportations involving illegal immigrants, whose most serious offense was listed as a traffic violation, including driving under the influence.

“For years, the Obama administration’s spin has been that they are simply deporting so-called “criminal aliens,” but the numbers speak for themselves,” said Marielena Hincapié, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center.

“In truth, this administration, more than any other,  has devastated immigrant communities across the country, tearing families away from loved ones, simply because they drove without a license, or re-entered the country desperately trying to be reunited with their family members,” she added.

But Obama administration officials say the deportations are a result of a decade in which the US Congress has passed tougher immigration laws, increased funding for enforcement and stymied efforts to lay out a path to legal residency for the bulk of nation’s 11.5 million illegal immigrants.

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  • de castro  On 04/17/2014 at 8:24 am

    Of all people Obama should be last to be “anti economic” migrants…
    America is the economic miracle it is today ….thanks to “economic migration”
    how hypocritical !

    Shameful disgraceful !
    Extradited for some misdemena !
    OTT america..China will re-colonise america…a few million Chinese
    economic migrants will do the trick
    At my cynical best

    • Albert  On 04/17/2014 at 2:24 pm

      “………..Of all people Obama should be last to be “anti economic” migrants……….”

      Don’t think you understand how the US system works. Many wonder why so many more deportation under Obama and why the bill for illegal immigrants is not passed. What many do not know, as someone on this board pointed out, the President of the US does not have as much power constitutionally as the PM of Great Britain. The laws for deportation and immigration has to come from Congress. Right now this Republican controlled Congress is not going to change or advance any bill on deportation or immigration because the right wing of the party does not want to.
      In the Republican dominated US south (Arizona, Mississippi etc) there are all kinds of State legislation against Spanish Immigrants. Some motivated by prejudice or poor whites fear of losing jobs or changes in culture and any thing different to the old southern way of life.
      In this obsolete Political system the President of the US does not get what he wants unless other parts of the Government agrees with him.

  • Albert  On 04/17/2014 at 3:55 pm

    Something I should explain. The US govt has three parts: (1) a President, (2) a Senate and (3) the House of Representative. All three have to pass a bill before it becomes law. Right now (3) is controlled by the Republicans who are dead set against this President for reasons in large part has nothing to do with politics. This President wants to pass an immigration bill, a national minimum wage and so forth but he would get nothing because the Republican majority in (3) hates him more than they love their country. Thus he could only want what he want in theory.

    There are also 50 states with their own local government usually with a governor and two houses, which could be controlled by either party and could make laws which affect the laws of the federal government.

  • de castro  On 04/17/2014 at 5:10 pm

    Thanks that explanation of things political in USA.
    Congress has the power to change things but congress is controlled
    by Republicans….while the senate is controlled by Democrats.
    Upper lower houses….in some ways similar to
    Houses of parliament and house of lords.

    In UK changes in law are discussed in parliament sent to lords
    and in some cases returned to parliament…In most cases passed to queen
    for signature before it becomes law.

    Guess thats the difference between republic and monarchy.

    The queen has never refused/disagreed to sign acts of parliament into law…
    more a formality …guess that’s the subtle difference politically.

  • gigi  On 04/18/2014 at 9:10 pm

    Albert, Bush was the the second president to deport the most immigrants and he did this with a democrat controlled house AND senate. Blaming republicans is a favorite card that liberal/democrat like to play every single time. Most notably, the race card. And immigration is all about race.

    Also, all the anti immigrant rhetoric coming out of the south are a result of loud northern transplants moving into those states and stirring up immigrant hate. I’ve lived in Texas, Georgia, Virginia, and Florida and have never seen or felt anti immigrant bias. Here in NY, it is loud and in your face, and NY is democrat territory. Not too long ago, vehicles used to drive around immigrant neighborhoods with billboard say “immigrants go back or be deported.” Democrats and republicans are on the same agenda. They only play “good cop, bad cop” in order to screw over the people. Kinda like the bridge toll scam that Gov Cuomo (NY liberal democrat) and Gov Christi (NJ conservative republican) colluded on and pulled off on the citizens of NY and NJ. Democrats and republicans = same difference. There is no lesser of the two evil. They are both equally evil. Americans need wake up from their drug induced sleep walking state and deal with this reality.

    • de castro  On 04/20/2014 at 3:57 pm

      Immigration is all about race…..sorry beg to differ.
      Its all about economics….but more about politics….
      Politicians play the “nationalistic” card to win voters….
      Liberals probably the least…..but immigration must be
      Race does however comes into the picture.

      Thoroughly enjoyed your profound and realistic approach to the
      political issue on immigration.

      Sometimes I feel AMERICA is too Big to survive/exist….failure the alternative.
      Liberalisation can lead to anarchy…..hope it never happens….

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