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Norman Girvan- Prominent Caribbean academic passes away

Norman Girvan- Prominent Caribbean academic passes away
Published on April 11, 2014 – By Caribbean News Now contributor
HAVANA, Cuba — Well known Caribbean academic Norman Girvan passed away on Wednesday in Cuba. He was 72.

Norman Girvan

Jamaican-born Girvan, who earlier this year suffered a serious fall while in Dominica, was Professor Emeritus of the University of the West Indies (UWI).

He was also a professorial research fellow at the UWI Graduate Institute of International Relations at in St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago.

Girvan had up until late last year, been one of the very vocal regional voices condemning the Dominican Republic’s constitutional court ruling that made tens of thousands people, of mainly Haitian descent, stateless.

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Water – Is It A Diamond In the Rough

Another blog entry from Diana Tyner, one of the followers of Guyanese Online.

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The diamond-water paradox has been long debated by economists probably since the early 1800’s.  In terms of economics, water is much more valuable and essential since life requires water for our survival (humans are approximately 75% water).  It’s easy to understand very quickly the importance of water to life on earth, yet the price we pay for water in Canada remains relatively low for its true value.   Diamonds on the on the other hand if we compare, are stunningly beautiful, much less essential, and yet the price we put on diamonds is substantially much higher. One could suggest the “utility” gained from water is great, but the “utility” gained from diamonds is much less.

The common phrase, “a diamond in the rough” relates to the idea that something has a hidden or exceptional characteristics and/or a future potential, but currently lacks the final touches of making it truly stand out…

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The El Dorado Complex in the Shaping of Indo-Guyanese – Clem Seecharan

           THE 2014 REPUBLIC OF GUYANA DISTINGUISHED                    LECTURE     

                The El Dorado Complex in the Shaping of Indo-Guyanese: A                                                       Revisionist Perspective

                                          by  CLEM SEECHARAN

Emeritus Professor of History,  London Metropolitan University

In February 1594 Sir Robert Dudley made inquiries about the rumoured Empire of Guiana…He sent a small boat to investigate and its crew returned, after great hardships, to say that the natives had told them of goldmines so rich that the people of the country powdered themselves with gold-dust.   Michael Swan (1957)

Guyana has alwaysbeen a land of fantasy. It was the land of El Dorado….  V.S. Naipaul (1991)     

 Guyana, for all its independence and its symbols of nationhood, has never been a closely-knit society…the ethnic divide made this almost impossible. There is hatred between the various ethnic groups with the darkest of the races being reserved for the greatest hatred.      Leader, Kaieteur News, 6 February 2014   Continue reading

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