Violence in Brazil

Three Worlds One Vision

Manifestation against Violence in Fortaleza - Ceara - BrazilManifestation against Violence in Fortaleza – Ceará – Brazil
“Enough! We want to Live Fortaleza!”
Photo Credit: Tribuna do Ceará

In Mexico’s NGO Citizen Council for Public Security & Criminal Justice yearly list of the fifty most violent cities around the world, sixteen Brazilian cities feature among the Top 50 for 2013. Six of them, located in Northeast Brazil, rank among the top fifteen.

Fortaleza, capital of Ceará, ranked seventh worldwide – the city placed thirteenth in 2012 – and second in Brazil, after Maceió (Alagoas). With the expansion of drug trafficking, Fortaleza has become increasingly more violent over the years since I lived there. Nowadays, my best friend in Fortaleza suffers from panic attacks whenever she has to walk the streets. Another friend reports that home invaders have become more brazen.

Data released for Fortaleza by the Secretariat of Public Security & Social Defense of Ceará (SSPDS-CE) reveal…

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  • de castro  On 04/07/2014 at 8:52 am

    Would love to see some stats/research on which classes are
    leaving Fortaleza….rich v poor very much part of the Brazilian
    Middle or Upper Middle class ?
    Most developed societies are built on a healthy middle class….
    Not on Rich (status quo) or Poor (majority)….
    This analysis is ideological but in today’s world nation states
    should focus on creating/encouraging a vibrant and sustainable
    middle class…..UK EURO USA et all already enjoy a larger middle class
    than most …. with Taxation as its WMDW (weapon of mass distribution of wealth)
    ….sometimes referred to as “socialism” or “capitalism with a conscience”
    Communism the other extreme….a failed system….being reincarnated
    as Euroasianism….as per Adolph Putin…ha ha

    Fortaleza and Brazil should be addressing the inequalities in their
    society RICH V POOR focusing on a stronger “middle class”….
    as major players in their “growth” ….not job creation alone
    but sustainable job creation…..using Taxation as WMDW.

    I am neither economist or politician but use the commonsence approach to
    both subjects…its way forward or Wilma Rousef will be de selected.
    Just hope Lula still advises her from his UN throne.
    At my cynical best….

    Am researching Roraima state but the information above was most useful
    statistically….Ceara certainly next….all available on Google.


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