John Kerry Doubles Down on Venezuela – commentary

John Kerry Doubles Down on Venezuela, Despite Being Alone
Venezuela mapFriday, 21 March 2014 – By Mark Weisbrot, The Guardian | News Analysis

Images forge reality, granting a power to television and video and even still photographs that can burrow deep into people’s consciousness without them even knowing it. I thought that I, too, was immune to the repetitious portrayals of Venezuela as a failed state in the throes of a popular rebellion. But I wasn’t prepared for what I saw in Caracas this month: how little of daily life appeared to be affected by the protests, the normality that prevailed in the vast majority of the city. I, too, had been taken in by media imagery.

Major media outlets have already reported that Venezuela’s poor have not joined the right-wing opposition protests, but that is an understatement: it’s not just the poor who are abstaining – in Caracas, it’s almost everyone outside of a few rich areas like Altamira, where small groups of protesters engage in nightly battles with security forces, throwing rocks and firebombs and running from tear gas. 

Walking from the working-class neighborhood of Sabana Grande to the city center, there was no sign that Venezuela is in the grip of a “crisis” that requires intervention from the Organization of American States (OAS), no matter what John Kerry tells you. The metro also ran very well, although I couldn’t get off at Alta Mira station, where the rebels had set up their base of operations until their eviction this week. [Read more]

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  • gigi  On 03/23/2014 at 8:07 pm

    “Perhaps Kerry didn’t notice, but just a few days before his threats, the OAS took a resolution that Washington brought against Venezuela and turned it inside-out, declaring the regional body’s “solidarity” with the Maduro government. Twenty-nine countries approved it, with only the right-wing governments of Panama and Canada siding with the US against it.[…]
    The domestic politics of Kerry’s posturing are pretty simple. On the one hand, you have the right-wing Florida Cuban-American lobby and their neo-conservative allies screaming for overthrow. To the left of the far right there is, well, nothing. This White House cares very little about Latin America, and there are no electoral consequences for making most of the governments in the hemisphere more disgusted with Washington.[…]
    The only place where the opposition seems to be garnering broad support is Washington.”

    This article reads like all the other articles about Venezuela that are put out by the liberal media – full of contradictions and Venezuela government bashing while blaming it on right-wing involvement.

    Last I checked, Kerry IS A DEMOCRAT AND SO IS THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION IN WASHINGTON SUPPORTING THE VENEZUELAN OPPOSITION. Trying to downplay the left involvement is pathetic. Typical lying left-wing hypocrites! Even when your people are doing the dirty deeds you try to pass it off on others. Pitiful!

  • Henry Horton  On 03/30/2014 at 5:09 pm

    Guyanese On Line, thank you for this article and others – they are all very good, informative and thought provoking .

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