Sharon Maas comes to Karanambu, North Rupununi Guyana

Karanambu- North Rupununi

Karanambu- North Rupununi. Guyana

Sharon Maas comes to Karanambu – Karanambu Trust and Lodge

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sharon Maas a very accomplished Guyanese writer.
She is the author of “Of Marriageable Age”, the first book we ever gave Diane. It became one of Di’s favorites too! As it also happens, Sharon is a very dear friend of Salvador’s! They spent years together traveling as adolescents and young adults. And although it had been 30 years since they last saw each other, Sharon and Andrea had been corresponding. Sharon was returning to Guyana after several years to visit her Mother, Eileen Cox.  

“Coxy” (as she is known to those who love her), is also a very well know Guyanese writer.  At the age of 94, she hasfinally retired from writing her weekly newspaper column,“Consumer Concerns” which appeared each week in the Sunday Stabroek News.

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