Toronto: Three Guyanese die of carbon monoxide poisoning

Peter Pitamber and son

Peter Pitamber, 60, with his surviving son Jerry, 28. Jerry found Peter, his mother Sita Pitamber, 59 and brother Terry Pitamber, 36 dead in their Brampton home early Monday morning (March 17, 2014) of carbon monoxide poisoning. [more pictures in Toronto Star report below].

Toronto: Three Guyanese die of carbon monoxide poisoning 

Jerry Pitamber’s life changed forever the instant he got home after a shift at his family’s restaurant on Monday to find his parents and brother poisoned by carbon monoxide.

His father Peter, well-known in Brampton’s West Indian community and longtime owner of Calypso Hut, was lying on the floor and could not be roused.   

His mother, Seeta, was in bed, as was his older brother, Terry. He heard a slow beeping, which he later realized was the carbon monoxide detector. His uncle Paul, also staying in the home, was awake and trying to help but kept wobbling and fell over several times.

“Everybody was just knocked out,” Pitamber said. His parents and brother had no vital signs. He phoned 911 at 1:54 a.m.

“I tried to save them all. I couldn’t,” he said from inside Calypso Hut, which was closed to the public but serving as a gathering place for loved ones as the news spread. Peter, 60, Seeta, 59, and Terry, 36, were pronounced dead Monday.




Brampton Fire @BramptonFireES   This tragedy shows that it you should never use propane appliances in the home; if your furnace goes out call for repair.
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  • Cliff Thomas  On 03/19/2014 at 11:27 pm

    Last Monday was a very sad day for Jerry Pitamber to return to his home only to find his parents and sibling dead from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. What a tragedy. Some thing like this should never happen in a first world country where all the technology are available. Is it not time to find a gadget that when there is a gas leak this gadget will open all windows to prevent any fatality ? I am not a scientist but just thinking aloud. My Sister-in-law who lives in California nearly followed the same fate a month ago. My condolences go out to Jerry.

  • Restorer  On 03/20/2014 at 7:15 pm

    Condolences to the Pitamber family. This must not occur again.

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