“Wobbly Baskets” – Poem by Cheryl Boyce-Taylor

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Three Worlds One Vision

Market Vendor - Stabroek Market - Georgetown - GuyanaMarket Vendor – Stabroek Market – Georgetown – Guyana
Photo Credit: Nigel Durrant (Flickr)

On March 8, 2014, we commemorated International Women’s Day. In my Poetry Corner this month, as a tribute to working mothers, I feature the poem “Wobbly Baskets” by Trinidad-born poet Cheryl Boyce-Taylor. Leaving her family behind, she left Trinidad at thirteen years old to live with her mother’s sister in Queens, New York. Eleven months later, her mother and brother joined her.

“Wobbly Baskets” captures well the plight of far too many working class women in Guyana and the Caribbean. She describes women who sell all kinds of food in the marketplace, straighten hair, wash clothes, and sew. Some go overseas to work and provide a better life for the children they leave behind. Focusing all of their energies on providing for their family, they give no thought to realizing their own dreams.

My mother was…

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