Major companies pull out of Mash Day float parade

Major companies pull out of Mash Day float parade

FEBRUARY 22, 2014 | BY  |

Mash-paradeA number of large companies that have been fixtures of the annual Mash Day parade will not be around this year. But coordinators downplayed this, yesterday, saying that the show will be as exciting as ever.

Out of the float parade are beer companies, Banks DIH and Ansa McAl.

When questioned on the reason for the withdrawal of the popular Carib Beer contingent, Public Relations Officer of Ansa McAL, Darshanie Yusuf, said that the company will be doing things differently this year.

At least two large companies will not be part of the Mash float parade in the city . 

“Local designer Maxi Williams will be designing 100 costumes for a band under the name of Ansa McAL’s Tropical Rhythms brand, which will be a part of the parade. It will be a smaller band to the usual Carib Beer band which could be as many as 500 strong.”
She explained that the revellers of the Carib Beer brand will be at a party booth on Vlissingen Road.

Banks DIH officials were not readily available for comments yesterday but Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Dr Frank Anthony, speaking at a press conference, said that the beverage giant has contributed to Mashramani in a different way this year.

One of the companies not in the forefront again is the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T).  Nadia De Abreu, a spokesperson, disclosed that the company has participated in the annual road march for the past three years but this year too the company will be looking at being involved, but in a different way.

“Instead, GT&T has been a major contributor to the Children’s Road parade. We took part in the big parade in a small way last year, mainly to sensitize the public about our Mobile Money Unit.”
Yesterday, events coordinator, Lennox Canterbury, maintained that patrons can be assured of an exciting show on Sunday.

He noted that Allied Arts; Pulse Entertainment; Ministry of Natural Resources and The Environment; Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce; Ministry of Health; Hits and Jams Entertainment; the Chinese Association; Ministry of Amerindian Affairs; PPP/C Progressive Youth Organization; U-Mobile (Digicel) as well as groups from the administrative regions, will be among the groups participating in the parade tomorrow.
So far, 27 mash bands have been registered to participate.

In reference to the absence of the usual participants in the road march, Canterbury said that there are a number of other Mashramani activities that these companies would help to promote.
“What happens is that the road march is considered a high point of Mashramani but there are different segments of the celebration, for example Steel Pan, Masquerade and Educational… Nonetheless, I appeal to public and private sector organizations to form any partnership that would help to further enhance the event.”

Mashramani evolved from Linden in the 60’s and morphed into countrywide celebrations leading up to February 23, the anniversary of Guyana becoming a republic.

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  • gigi  On 02/24/2014 at 1:27 am

    Well, I hope more companies do so that this vulgar display of classlessness disappear completely or find rebirth into a celebration that ALL Guyanese can be proud of.

    When Guilani was mayor of New York, he banned alcohol from Caribbean Festival/Parade because he thought it was the alcohol that cause the people participating in the festivities to behave and engage in the crude vulgarity on display. He thought wrong. Banning alcohol did not stop these behaviors. I have watched some of the videos on YouTube out of curiosity and have made the decision never to attend or even watch these Caribbean Festivals/Parades, Mash included.

    Why do Guyanese feel the need to copy and embrace the crass and vulgar instead of embodying class and dignity? What is wrong with our culture? And we wonder why STDs / STIs are high and so many children are born into poor, single parent and dysfunctional hook-up households where neglect and abuse (all types) are the norm. I am not going to use the word ‘family’ to describe this situation because it does not define the meaning of family.

  • Eileen Russell  On 02/24/2014 at 3:09 pm

    I agree with gigi….the vulgarity and semi nudity is outrageous also the alcohol consumption which causes misery for some children and women…..We should have a celebration that portrays decency and family togetherness so we will be respected as as a progressive nation of rainbow colours’ people…I love Guyana…..and most of its people, who have dignity and some are striving for a better future for their children.

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