Queen’s College and Guyanese Musical Life 1844 – 2014

Queen’s College and Guyanese Musical Life 1844 – 2014

Queen's College LogoBy Dr. Vibert Cambridge

February 11, 2014
Dear Colleague:

Greetings and best wishes for the new day. How did Queen’s College influence your musical life/tastes?  This e-mail requests your participation in an initiative to commemorate Queen’s College’s 170th anniversary.

Since August 6, 1844, Queen’s College has been an important institution in Guyanese society.  Norman Cameron’s A History of the Queen’s College of British Guiana [Guyana] and Laurence Clarke’s Queen’s College of Guyana:  Records of a Tradition of Excellence (1844–1994) provide valuable information on the history of the school and a record of achievements.  There is need to complement those core works with deeper explorations of the school’s contribution to Guyanese social, scientific, political and cultural life.

The initiative referred to above will focus on Q. C’s contribution to Guyanese musical life since 1844.  Over the past week, a conversation with this focus was launched on the Facebook site—“Queen’s College and Guyanese musical life since 1844.”  

Since then, the conversation has started to:

  • Respond to the question:  “What ‘musicals’ were you in or remember fondly during your Q,C. years?
  • Reflect on the steel band experience at Q.C;
  • Develop a list of Q.C.-based ensembles and ensembles with Q.C. students;
  • Develop a list of masters and mistresses who influenced music education and performance at Q.C;
  • Develop a list of Q. C. alumni who have been associated with ensembles around the world.  A recent example was Ken “Snakehips” Johnson and His West Indian Orchestra.
  • Develop a list of compositions by Q.C. alumni

Among the anticipated themes will be explorations of the non-Western musical experience at Q.C. alumni.

It will be appreciated if you can join the conversation by e-mail if you are not [yet] a Facebook user.

It is anticipated that the results of this initiative will be presented during the program of activities to celebrate the school’s 170th anniversary scheduled for Georgetown between October 26 and November 1, 2014.

Your contributions will enrich this initiative.  I look forward to hearing  from you.



Vibert C. Cambridge, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
School of Media Arts and Studies
Ohio University
740-593-9178 (Office)
740-594-2170 (home)
740-591-7318 (Mobile)

For your information Guyanese Online has attached the following information on Queen’s College:  http://www.qcalumnitoronto.com/images/qchistory.pdf

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