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UK’s January flooding surpasses 247 years of records

UK’s  January flooding surpasses 247 years of records 

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As California sees the future impacts of climate change playing out in the form of epic drought on one side of the globe, across the map in the U.K. residents are seeing an opposite but related climate effect: Severe and unprecedented flooding.

According to the world’s longest-running weather station, the Radcliffe Meteorological Station at Oxford University, more rain fell there in January than during any winter month since daily recording started in 1767. Total rainfall last month was around 5.8 inches, more than three times the average.  Continue reading

Gold prices, sugar slump will lower Guyana’s growth this year – IDB

Gold prices, sugar slump will lower Guyana’s growth this year – IDB

FEBRUARY 5, 2014 | BY  |

A slump in gold prices and poor performance from the sugar sector will see Guyana facing major downside risks to its growth momentum, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has said.
In its Caribbean Region Quarterly Bulletin issued last month, the bilateral lending agency said that this will lead to a lower growth forecast for 2014 at 4.3 percent. This will be below the 4.8 percent growth recorded last year.   Energy cost also remains a big worry for Guyana.

Rice warehouse

Rice warehouse

Rice helped buoy the economy last year but it may not be enough to sustain it at the same level this year, IDB says..

“Further downside risks may stem from lagging investments in productive infrastructure, especially roads, ports and electricity; as the economy’s competitiveness and capacity to diversify are stymied by high energy costs, limited electrical generation capacity and poor quality of electricity service.” Continue reading

Corentyne River Bridge… Suriname, China to arrange financing

Corentyne River Bridge… Suriname, China to arrange financing

FEBRUARY 5, 2014 | BY  |   …Guyana to build approach road  

The New River Bridge across the Corentyne River to be funded by the Chinese will be done through an arrangement between Suriname and China, not Guyana.

This is according to Foreign Affairs Minister, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, who yesterday said that the financial affairs of the project are being negotiated between the two countries and as such, she would not be able to say if it would be a loan or a grant.

She did point out that the money would be coming from the US$3 billion in loans to 10 Caribbean nations, including Guyana, that was announced by Chinese President, Xi Jinping.
Regarding local input into the project, she said that Guyana will only be required to build an approach road to the bridge.  Continue reading

“Making Quiltwork” – Poem by Simon J. Ortiz

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Three Worlds One Vision

Native American Star QuiltNative American Star Quilt
Photo Credit: History of Quilts


Since starting my Poetry Corner in May 2011, with the exception of one poet from Chicago, I have featured only American poets I have met here in Los Angeles. Some of them have become close friends. This year, I will explore the poetry of diverse poets across the United States.

In my Poetry Corner this month, I feature the poem “Making Quiltwork” by Simon J. Ortiz, a Native American poet. Born in 1941 near Albuquerque, New Mexico, Simon Ortiz is an Acoma Pueblo Indian who grew up in an Acoma village speaking his native language. In an interview, he said that in sixth grade (11-12 years of age) the library opened a new world to him. In 1969, after attending Fort Lewis College and the University of New Mexico, he earned a Master of Fine Arts in Writing from the…

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