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The Puzzlin’ Box – by Ron Persaud

The Puzzlin’ Box.

           “Save yuh money!” One of those many exhortations that we come to appreciate later in life; sometimes too late, because spending is so much more pleasurable and gratifying than saving.

           I believe that Guyanese are a conservative people and it was recognized National trait among the other Caribbean nations … well, except for Grenadians. Bear in mind that I am referring to people and events of 50 years ago. I expect that people have changed since then.

A household symbol of this trait was The Puzzlin’ Box.

For the young at heart, this is on instant recall. For the young, this was the rectangular container for “Brunswick” sardines (in oil, if you please). After the contents were enjoyed, the lid was removed completely, the container was washed thoroughly, a slot was made (with the sardine cutter, of course) and the thing was nailed, slot uppermost and open face against a convenient wall. (Some adult assistance required).   Continue reading

NYC to Reform Stop-and-Frisk, End Racial Profiling

“We Will Not Break the Law to Enforce the Law”: NYC to Reform Stop-and-Frisk, End Racial Profiling

31 January 2014 -By Amy Goodman and Juan GonzalezDemocracy Now! | Video

New York City’s newly elected Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced the city will drop its appeal of a ruling by a U.S. district court that found the New York City Police Department’s controversial “stop-and-frisk” program unconstitutional and settle an ongoing lawsuit. In August, Judge Shira Scheindlin criticized the police for relying on a “policy of indirect racial profiling” that led officers to routinely stop “Blacks and Hispanics who would not have been stopped if they were white.”

De Blasio announced the news on Thursday at a press conference with allies, including the Center for Constitutional Rights and the American Civil Liberties Union. “We’re here today to turn the page on one of the most divisive problems in our city,” de Blasio said. “We believe in ending the overuse of stop-and-frisk that has unfairly targeted young African-American and Latino men.”  Continue reading

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