Drought Emergency declared in California. Residents urge end to fracking

Drought Emergency declared in California. Residents urge end to Fracking …  [see video on Fracking below]

Article imageThe state of California formally declared a drought emergency today due to a lack of winter rainfall and water reserves at only 20 percent of normal levels. This is the third year of dry conditions across California, which poses a threat to the state’s economy and environment.

Last year was declared the driest year in recorded history in California and Gov. Jerry Brown recently described the state’s current condition as “a mega-drought.”   

“The current historically dry weather is a bellwether of what is to come in California, with increasing periods of drought expected with climate change,” said Juliet Christian-Smith, climate scientist in the California office of the Union of Concerned Scientists. “Because increasing demand and drought are straining our water resources, we need to adopt policies that address both the causes and consequences of climate change.” [Read more]

FRACKING:  Fracture Drilling – Environmental Disaster / Documentary Video


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  • Equality 333  On October 3, 2015 at 5:22 am

    I feel for them, so far here in England were holding if Fracking. I don’t think it will be long before the government and monarchy get their way. I just hope we can spread the word enough to build on the protests.

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