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Canada: B.C.’s history of racism – pursuit of a white man’s province

A look into B.C.’s history of racism, and its pursuit of a white man’s province

GARY MASON  -The Globe and Mail-  Canada – Published Friday, Jan. 10 2014

Province of British Columbia, Canada

While British Columbia is often celebrated for its physical beauty and a laid-back, open-minded culture, it is a province rooted in a little-discussed but hard-to-ignore bigoted past. This week we were reminded of just how dark some of that history is.

NDP Leader Adrian Dix drew back the curtains on some of the bleaker moments of those early days, an epoch when it was no time to be Chinese, or Japanese or South Asian for that matter, either. But it was the Chinese and Japanese, in particular, who were considered the paramount threat and treated almost singularly with contempt. Their banishment from the province would become a single-minded obsession of legislators – and the public – for more than 70 years.  Continue reading

Guyana Christian Charities – Valentine Dinner Dance – Feb 8, 2014 – Toronto

GCC Val Dance 2014

Diplomatic Minutes in Making of South American History – by Odeen Ishmael

Diplomatic Minutes in Making of South American History – by Odeen Ishmael

Ishmael book“The Trail of Diplomacy” is Odeen Ishmael’s illuminating, educational and exciting reading – vital to understanding international diplomacy as a mover of history”.

Author Odeen Ishmael’s contribution to international diplomacy and South American history comes in the form of a book on the Guyana-Venezuela border issue that started in 1840. Guyana today is much less powerful than its neighbor Venezuela, but not at the time of the boundary dispute. Guyana was then British Guiana, a colonial territory of Great Britain.   Continue reading

Brazil: Visit of Cut-and-Sew Client – The Other Side of Outsourcing

Our thanks to Rosaliene Bacchus for another informative Blog entry.

Three Worlds One Vision

Stitching on Leather ChairPhoto Credit: Indigo Furniture Company – UK


We live in a globalized world in which outsourcing production or services to another country has become a way of doing business. For those who have lost their jobs to lower-paid, overseas workers, outsourcing is a painful reality. For workers in an emerging economy like Brazil, outsourcing offers an opportunity to rise out of poverty.

At Italbras Leather Producer & Exporter Ltd.,* I worked with a number of furniture companies worldwide that outsourced the production of their upholstery leather covers. My first and largest client was the Canadian Furniture Company* with factories in Canada and the United States. Italbras had secured this contract owing to its well-equipped factory, with emphasis on worker safety, and fair labor practices: remuneration in accordance with Brazil’s minimum wage plus additional benefits of on-site meals, private bus transport, uniforms, and a medical doctor on duty.

I had…

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