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Guyana: Domestic Violence: Women are the key

Domestic Violence: Women are the key


domestic violence photo: Domestic Violence domesticviolence.jpg It would seem that the number of women killed as a result of domestic conflicts is increasing at a rapid rate. This is a trend that has been worrying the authorities for some time but precious little was done. Indeed, pressure on the police pushed them to respond to every report of domestic violence.

There was once a time when the police would sit back and say that such a dispute is a private matter and that the victim should pursue the matter in court. And a few did, but the majority had no relationship with the court except through the police. It was this recognition that caused the pressure on the police to help such victims.   Continue reading

Guyana’s Public Servants: That Sunday morning market basket

An editorial highlighting the plight of Guyana’s Public Servants

That Sunday morning market basket

La Penitence Market

La Penitence Market

“I go to the market every Sunday; I know what it takes for a family of four or five to put food on the table, to put shelter and so forth. The average public servant, what they make would be very sufficient to put the basic and enable them to acquire some of the material goods every family wants.”

So said Manzoor Nadir MP and former Minister of Labour, Human Services and Social Security on Monday last at a press conference hosted by the ruling PPP at Freedom House.

Mr Nadir was seeking to make the argument that the lot of public servants has improved under the PPP, which has been in power since 1992. He posited that the ‘average’ public servant earns above the government set minimum wage which is $35,000 and is able to meet his/her basic needs. [$35,000 = about $175 US]   Continue reading

NAFTA and the Future of Canada, Mexico and the USA

NAFTA and the Future of Canada, Mexico and the United States

Geopolitical Weekly  –Tuesday, January 7, 2014 –  Stratfor
By Marc Lanthemann

The 20th anniversary of NAFTA‘s implementation on Jan. 1 has revived some of the perennial arguments that have surrounded the bloc since its inception. The general consensus has been that the trade deal was a mixed bag, a generally positive yet disappointing economic experiment.

That consensus may not be wrong. The history of the North American Free Trade Agreement as an institution has been one of piecemeal, often reluctant, integration of three countries with a long tradition of protectionism and fierce defense of economic national sovereignty. While NAFTA was a boon for certain sectors of the economy, particularly the U.S. agriculture industry, the net effect of the world’s second-largest trade bloc remains somewhat unknown.  Continue reading

TravelSpan saves the day for snow-bound Guyanese

TravelSpan saves the day for snow-bound Guyanese

By Tangerine Clarke – Caribbean Life News – January 8, 2014

Travelspan Airlines

On board Travelspan’s 767-200

Eighteen year-old aviation company TravelSpan took full advantage of the Christmas season to successfully resume airlifting hundreds of passengers from John F. Kennedy airport to Cheddi Jagan International Airport from Dec. 14 last year, ending a monopoly and high airfares that nationals faced over the last year.
However, the carrier had to overcome the recent snowstorm that shut down area airports and crippled air travel across the U.S.

The 767-200 series aircraft operated by Dynamic Airways managed to depart JFK for Georgetown ahead of the storm on Jan. 2, only to be hit with criticism from the hordes of expats who blasted management for not calling them ahead of time for the outbound flight from Georgetown that was rescheduled from 3:00 p.m. to midnight.   Continue reading