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Cholesterol drugs: Do you need them, or not? – commentary

Cholesterol drugs: Do you need them, or not? – by Elizabeth O’Brien

New heart-disease guidelines leave doctors and patients confused about statins.

Elizabeth O’Brien

Many doctors and patients were surprised last November when two major medical groups upended one central element of the traditional approach to warding off heart disease. With the release of new guidelines, the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology shifted away from the prior focus on “bad cholesterol”—and proposed changes to the way doctors prescribe statins, the highly successful cholesterol-fighting medications.

The guidelines recommend a more holistic approach, but some critics said they could greatly increase the number of patients taking statin medication. Now that the dust from the ensuing brouhaha has begun to settle, what should patients expect when they visit the doctor?   Continue reading

Guyanese Canadian Organizations – Mashramani Ball- Feb 22, 2014 – Toronto

Guyanese Canadian Organizations

The Mackenzie High School and John Joseph Cummings – By Dmitri Allicock


MHS school pix

The Mackenzie High School

                                       and   John Joseph Cummings

                                                By Dmitri Allicock

A measure of success of a school must be how far and to what heights it students progress. And how widely and deep they remember those formative years and outstanding faculty. By such a measure, the Mackenzie High has achieved great indeed.    [Read more]

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