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Guyana: New D.D.L chairman – Kumar Samaroo, sworn in – video

New Guyana Distillers Limited (DDL) Chairman  Kumar Samaroo, sworn in on January 2, 2014 by former Chairman Dr. Yesu Persaud.

Crabs of Guyana & South Pacific – by Peter Halder

Crabs of Guyana & South Pacific

 by Peter Halder

Crabs of Guyana 

The species of crabs in Guyana include the hermit or soldier crab, buck crab, bunduri crab, sherriger, jumbie crab, scissors crab, square-back crab, mud crab, spider crab, flat or porcelain crab, rock crab, shield- back crab, and the white land crab.

The well-known and popular crabs are the bunduri, buck and sherriger.


The bunduri is the largest crab. Its habitat is in the North West District and the Essequibo Coast. They go on a “march” during the mating season between late August and early September, when with spring tide, they would literally cover the entire beach along the Atlantic Ocean. On the march, they are an army of closely packed creatures walking in their own peculiar gait, pincers (claws) and bodies knocking against each other and making a racket. They were once found only on the seaside or along river banks but with their increase in numbers, they began climbing up hills, sandlots and even go into people’s backyards. Continue reading