What Can I Do For You?

Good one Rosaliene. It made me think and remember many of the childhood friends I had , and still have, and the strong bonds that still cement those early friendships.
A Happy New Year 2014 to you!

Three Worlds One Vision

Capoey Lake - Essequibo - GuyanaCapoey Lake – Essequibo – Guyana
Photo by Marco Basir (Guyana Times International)


Have you ever noticed? We forge our most enduring friendships during our years of childhood innocence. During our high school and college years, we also develop close friendships with others who share similar family backgrounds, interests or ideals. We trust our best friends with our secrets. We accept our best friends with traits that others may consider intolerable because we see their beauty and goodness. We give and receive without keeping score or weighing the advantages.

As a high school teacher and an undergraduate, majoring in geography, at the University of Guyana, I met and became friends with Alex (fictitious name), a history major. A passionate political activist, he was influential in firing my interest in Caribbean political history and the struggle of the working class.

After my career as a high school teacher…

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  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On January 5, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    Thanks, Cyril. May the strong bonds of true friendships fill our lives with joy and dissipate the gloom.

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