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Tribute to Retd Deputy Comm of Police, Derrick Thompson – by Maj.Gen. Joseph Singh

Tribute to Retired Deputy Commissioner of Police, Derrick Odessa Thompson, DSM – 1938 – 2013

By:  Major General (retd) Joseph G Singh MSS

Derrick Thompson

Derrick Thompson

Deacon Henry Chester DSM –Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police, Pastor Olsen Small, Members of the Clergy of the Smith Memorial Congregational Church, wife Thelma – Derrick’s tower of strength for 38 years, their six children and fifteen grandchildren, and family and friends of Derrick, we are here to honour a man who was a Patriot, a professional Police Officer and Leader, an efficient Manager, a dedicated family man, a servant of this church, and a loyal friend to many. I feel very privileged to have been asked by his family to give this Tribute to the memory of a wonderful human being whom I have known and worked with for over 40 years.

Derrick was born in 1938, on the eve of the commencement of the Second World War in 1939. We can visualize how challenging it would have been for his parents to bring up a child during a period of world-wide conflict during those war years 1939-1945. A time of scarcity, deprivation, tensions and fear. But we know the lengths to which parents and extended family in those days would have gone to nurture the young Derrick – investing in his health and education, creating a conducive home environment and instilling those values that provided the foundation for his outstanding career.    Continue reading

Football: Guyana-born Andrew Watson – the first black international

Andrew Watson - Scotland's captain - 1881

Andrew Watson – Scotland’s captain – 1881

Football pioneer: Andrew Watson – the first black international

  • Andrew Watson was the first black player to play international football
  • He captained Scotland on his debut, a 6-1 win over archrivals England
  • It remains the heaviest home defeat suffered by England
  • Watson was born in British Guiana and the son of a Glasgow merchant Continue reading

Canada – After the storm – commentary

Canada – After the storm

Ontario snow and ice storm

Ontario snow and ice storm

By Stabroek News – January 4, 2014  Editorial | 

Four days ago the temperature in Winnipeg fell to -31°C (with a mind-numbing -48°C wind chill), the city’s coldest day in 80 years and colder than surface temperatures at the North Pole and on Mars, according to the Manitoba Museum.  The chill extended further east; parts of northern Quebec felt wind chills of -56°C, and dozens of cars crashed on the icy surface of Toronto’s QEW highway. Early in the New Year the Greater Toronto Area was still recovering from a pre-Christmas ice-storm (similar to the one descending on New York yesterday), which left 350,000 people without power and coated the city’s trees, roads and driveways with a skin of ice up to an inch thick.

Anyone reading about this while relaxing in warmth of the tropics must shake their head at the northern Stoics who can endure such trials with little more than a shrug.  Continue reading