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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 – from Guyanese Online


HAPPY NEW YEAR – 2014 from Guyanese Online

My visit to Cape Town, South Africa – by Lear Matthews

In Memory of Mandela: Impressions of my visit to Cape Town,

South Africa

by   Lear Matthews

Rejoice in the dawn of Pan African light.
Mandela! Mandela! Weep not for Nelson
But sing a thousand hosannas for Madiba
Our sacred Liberator (J.G.Morris)

Lear Matthews

Lear Matthews

I recently visited Cape Town as part of a team project focusing on adult higher education within the context of local and global struggles for equity and social justice, principles espoused by Nelson Mandela.  Following are impressions of this maiden sojourn, the highlight of which was a visit to Robben Island, the notoriously infamous island-prison where Mandela spent more than 17 years.  Continue reading

USAID Democracy Project: US project an affront -Luncheon

USAID Democracy Project: Continuing US project an affront -Luncheon

Roger Luncheon

Roger Luncheon

Stabroek News –  December 23, 2013

Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon says that the continuation of a USAID-funded G$300 million (US$1.5M) democracy project here is an “affront” to Guyana’s sovereignty and the issue is engaging the highest levels of government.

“The issue is, the Cabinet of this nation, a sovereign country, indicated to the American Ambassador its definitive position on this matter, and according to the reports in the Stabroek News of the 19th of December, the (US) Ambassador in an article, has essentially said, I am going ahead with what I want to go ahead with, and this decision of Cabinet, disapproving this project, I will ignore, I will disregard, indeed he has effectively challenged state power,” the Government Information Agency (GINA) quoted Luncheon as saying during an interview on the National Communications Network’s Political Scope programme.  Continue reading

USAID – LEAD Project Controversy – Commentary

USAID – LEAD Project Controversy – Commentary

Stabroek News -December 23, 2013 – Editorial

USAIDWhat could have led to the government’s decision to terminate its participation in the USAID-funded Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) project? It couldn’t have been the extravagant claim by the Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Luncheon that there had been `grievous abandonment’ of the government by the US in discussion of the contours of the project. That would seem quite preposterous in the face of the documentation released by the US embassy on Thursday outlining the history of correspondence between the two sides – including to President Ramotar – going all the way back to October, 2012.

Surely if this had been a government-to-government arrangement and Washington was seeking to interfere in matters of national security or making untoward demands the government would be well in order to show it the front door. This is a problem of a different order for the PPP/C; a project that can open up new vistas and thinking for citizens and their prospective leaders as they face local government elections and beyond.  Continue reading

Guyana: History, Arts and Culture: The Arts Journal- 8 Flyer

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