Guyana records highest ever gold declaration

Guyana records highest ever gold declaration

Published on December 19, 2013

Guyana Gold Production

Guyana Gold Production –  Source Guyana Gold Boarrd

GEORGETOWN, Guyana (GINA) — Guyana has recorded the highest ever gold declaration of 458,105 ounces as at December 16, 2013 surpassing the previous highest level of 455, 918 ounces in 2001; which included the declarations of both Omai and small scale operators.  

This announcement was made by the minister of natural resources and the environment, Robert M. Persaud.  

“This is a proud moment for all those who work in the sector. It shows dedication and commitment of the miners and also addresses the concerns about under declaration of gold or the claims of gold smuggling,” said Persaud.

Persaud was advised by the Guyana Gold Board that, in 2011, gold declaration was just about 363,083 ounces, while in 2012, it increased to 438,645 ounces and as at December 16, 2013 declaration was 458,105 ounces. This, Persaud said, is expected to further increase within the new two weeks.

The minister added, “The continuous increase speaks of the commitment and conformity of the sector to the laws and regulations. As such, all Guyanese must celebrate this achievement of small and medium scale miners.”

Further, Persaud stated that his ministry has been focusing on green development within the extractive sectors which is within our framework for a low carbon economy; this he said will be intensified in 2014.

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  • de castro  On 12/26/2013 at 8:23 am

    Nice to read some good news coming from the father/motherland.
    However the sceptical question is…….
    What is the “guesstimate” of the undeclared gold that is mined ?
    A nightmare for most economists….black economy….corruption.!!

    My other concerns are for the environment and how it is “regulated”
    “managed” by the enforcement agencies/institutions.
    Mercury is still being used for the mining of gold but how
    safe is it in the environment….if it is a banned/illegal “chemical”
    what quantities are still permitted/allowed/used “legally or illegally.

    Other than all those concerns expressed above I must congratulate
    all those involved in the industry for their contributions to the Guyana s
    economy. Well done.


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