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No Magic this Christmas – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Rosaliene ..Try to have a Merry Christmas,. irrespective of the present human conditions.. We live in “Interesting Times”. Let us all hope that 2014 will be better.

Three Worlds One Vision

Homeless and Hungry - United StatesHomeless & Hungry
Photo Credit: DoSomething.org


Since a kid growing up in Guyana, Christmas has always been a magical time of the year. My poor, working class parents always found a way to make Christmas a special time of the year for me and my four siblings. My happiest childhood memories are of our Christmas celebrations.

Following the world economic crisis of August 2008, I’ve been downsizing our Christmas celebrations, in keeping with our new socio-economic reality in the United States. Job security is a thing of the past. Joblessness, homelessness, and food insecurity are new experiences for the American middle class. The situation is no better for the working poor.

What’s also disturbing is hearing high-profile people in the media, in the business community, and among our government representatives blaming the poor for their poverty. In a number of cities across the United States, it has even become…

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LFS BURNHAM – his contribution on the liberation of South Africa


August 15, 2010 | By  | http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2010/08/15/lfs-burnham-%E2%80%93-his-contribution-to-the-liberation-of-south-africa/

BY HALIM MAJEED, Former Political Adviser To President Burnham

It was in Government that Mr. Burnham undertook to heighten global interest in the African cause. He is seen here (at the time Prime Minister) with Nigerian Ambassador, Chief S.O. Adebo.


His Excellency Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham was elected Prime Minister of the Republic of Guyana, formerly British Guiana, in December 1964. Following a change in the National Constitution in 1980, he was designated Executive President and Head of State.
President Burnham believed in a cooperative socialist approach to development – what is referred to as Cooperative Socialism – and, during his tenure in Government, gradually adopted a non-capitalist path to nation-building.   Continue reading

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