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The Overseer of British Guiana – by Gaiutra Bahadur

The Overseer of British Guiana

By Gaiutra Bahadur | Published in History Today Volume: 64 Issue: 1 2014  – Empire South America

In 1861 a young clergyman’s son arrived in British Guiana to oversee a sugar plantation. Over the next 30 years Henry Bullock’s letters home caught the texture of life in a remote backwater of Empire – though they don’t tell the whole story, as Gaiutra Bahadur explains.

New Amsterdam

The main street in New Amsterdam, of which Anthony Trollope wrote in 1860, ‘three persons in the street constitute a crowd’. Getty Images/Popperfoto     Continue reading

Bing Crosby – Christmas Playlist – 30 Songs autoplay

Bing Crosby – Christmas Playlist – 30 Songs

Nat King Cole + Others – Christmas Album – 19 tunes autoplay

Nat King Cole + others – Christmas Album – 19 tunes

Running Back Home to a Guyanese ‘Crismus’ – by Hubert Williams (1975)

christmas-treeRunning Back Home to a Guyanese ‘Crismus’

A treat by Hubert Williams, who does his own “creole ting”….  Caribbean Contact, December, 1975.

Our Thanks to Param Sharma for retyping this old article by Hubert Williams and submitting it to Guyanese Online.

All roun de wurl dey gone lookin for greener pastures, but den evry year-end droves o’ dem duz cum runnin back home cause, dey tel we, noway else aint gat Crismus like Guyana Crismus.

Jus look at dem:  in fancy clothes an big kickah shoes wuh dey pic outa catalog, talkin wid akcent an spennin money wile. But is true wuh dese Guyanese immigrunts seh … we crismus is boss.

Is really a potpourri of a lotta tings. We duz celebrate it wid de frenzy of Latin Americans, riddum of West Indians, de appetite of Africans an’ Asians, likker-guzzing capacity of Europeans, an de staying power of de Vietcong.

Is dats why noway else cyant match we Crismus.    Continue reading

Remittances – The inexorable two-edged sword – commentary

Remittances to Latin & South America

Remittances to Latin America  & Caribbean

Remittances – The inexorable two-edged sword

December 20, 2013 – KNEWS – Editorial

After several decades, the phenomenon of the “barrel”, stuffed with the necessities and shipped in by overseas relatives and friends, is now an established fact. And so the question arises: “What has been its effect on the national economy, and perhaps more importantly the national psyche?”

If the truth be told, the actual “barrel” flow has diminished somewhat since its heyday in the eighties when the goods in those barrels literally kept body and soul together for so many families.  Continue reading

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