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Mighty Sparrow – Caribbean Style Christmas Medley

Mighty Sparrow – Caribbean Style Christmas Medley

Album : Mighty Sparrow Christmas Ballads

Christmas – Calypso Soca Parang Mix from Trinidad – music

–  More  Kaiso – Parang for Christmas…

Listen- Enjoy! …. and pass it on….     

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A Christmas Music Playlist – 2013 Christmas Party – videos


Published on Sep 28, 2013 by oldiesfan1968.   – This video is a mixture of old Xmas standards and some lesser known numbers. The animation was done by Abraxas Studio ( Chris MacDonald) of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. Please check out his YouTube channel. I have made a number of Xmas videos which are featured on a playlist on my channel. Hope you enjoy them. Happy Holidays! I do not own the copyright to the music. However I have purchased all my massive collection of music and am the sole owner. The video is made for my personal enjoyment and for the viewers who chose to watch it. Hopefully it will promote the artists featured in the video. I receive absolutely no financial compensation for my work and cost to produce the video.  See list of tunes below:  Continue reading

Reggae Christmas CD

Reggae Christmas CD – a collection of popular Christmas songs delivered in the Reggae format.. .. Enjoy ……. and pass it on. 

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